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    Ill be right back with a stack trace
    Documenter v0.22.3 ⇒ v0.22.4
    ERROR: LoadError: MethodError: no method matching mdflatten(::Base.GenericIOBuffer{Array{UInt8,1}}, ::Int64, ::Markdown.Italic)
    Closest candidates are:
    mdflatten(::Any, ::Markdown.MD, ::Any) at C:\Users....julia\packages\Documenter\msPrq\src\Utilities\MDFlatten.jl:33
    mdflatten(::Any, ::Markdown.Paragraph, ::Any) at C:\Users....julia\packages\Documenter\msPrq\src\Utilities\MDFlatten.jl:45
    mdflatten(::Any, ::Markdown.BlockQuote, ::Any) at C:\Users....julia\packages\Documenter\msPrq\src\Utilities\MDFlatten.jl:46
    [1] (::getfield(Documenter.Utilities.MDFlatten, Symbol("##1#2")){Base.GenericIOBuffer{Array{UInt8,1}},Markdown.Italic})(::Int64) at C:\Users....julia\packages\Documenter\msPrq\src\Utilities\MDFlatten.jl:34
    [2] iterate at .\generator.jl:47 [inlined]
    [3] collect_to!(::Array{Nothing,1}, ::Base.Generator{Array{Any,1},getfield(Documenter.Utilities.MDFlatten, Symbol("##1#2")){Base.GenericIOBuffer{Array{UInt8,1}},Markdown.Italic}}, ::Int64, ::Int64) at .\array.jl:651 [4] collect_to_with_first!(::Array{Nothing,1}, ::Nothing, ::Base.Generator{Array{Any,1},getfield(Documenter.Utilities.MDFlatten, Symbol("##1#2")){Base.GenericIOBuffer{Array{UInt8,1}},Markdown.Italic}}, ::Int64) at .\array.jl:630
    [5] _collect(::Array{Any,1}, ::Base.Generator{Array{Any,1},getfield(Documenter.Utilities.MDFlatten, Symbol("##1#2")){Base.GenericIOBuffer{Array{UInt8,1}},Markdown.Italic}}, ::Base.EltypeUnknown, ::Base.HasShape{1})
    at .\array.jl:624
    [6] map at .\array.jl:548 [inlined]
    [7] mdflatten(::Base.GenericIOBuffer{Array{UInt8,1}}, ::Array{Any,1}, ::Markdown.Italic) at C:\Users....julia\packages\Documenter\msPrq\src\Utilities\MDFlatten.jl:34
    [8] mdflatten(::Base.GenericIOBuffer{Array{UInt8,1}}, ::Markdown.Italic, ::Markdown.Paragraph) at C:\Users....julia\packages\Documenter\msPrq\src\Utilities\MDFlatten.jl:71
    [9] (::getfield(Documenter.Utilities.MDFlatten, Symbol("##1#2")){Base.GenericIOBuffer{Array{UInt8,1}},Markdown.Paragraph})(::Markdown.Italic) at C:\Users....julia\packages\Documenter\msPrq\src\Utilities\MDFlatten.jl:34
    [10] iterate at .\generator.jl:47 [inlined]
    [11] collect_to!(::Array{Any,1}, ::Base.Generator{Array{Any,1},getfield(Documenter.Utilities.MDFlatten, Symbol("##1#2")){Base.GenericIOBuffer{Array{UInt8,1}},Markdown.Paragraph}}, ::Int64, ::Int64) at .\array.jl:651 [12] collect_to!(::Array{Union{Nothing, Array{Nothing,1}},1}, ::Base.Generator{Array{Any,1},getfield(Documenter.Utilities.MDFlatten, Symbol("##1#2")){Base.GenericIOBuffer{Array{UInt8,1}},Markdown.Paragraph}}, ::Int64, ::Int64) at .\array.jl:659 (repeats 2 times)
    [13] collect_to_with_first!(::Array{Nothing,1}, ::Nothing, ::Base.Generator{Array{Any,1},getfield(Documenter.Utilities.MDFlatten, Symbol("##1#2")){Base.GenericIOBuffer{Array{UInt8,1}},Markdown.Paragraph}}, ::Int64)
    at .\array.jl:630
    [14] _collect(::Array{Any,1}, ::Base.Generator{Array{Any,1},getfield(Documenter.Utilities.MDFlatten, Symbol("##1#2")){Base.GenericIOBuffer{Array{UInt8,1}},Markdown.Paragraph}}, ::Base.EltypeUnknown, ::Base.HasShape{1}) at .\array.jl:624
    [15] map at .\array.jl:548 [inlined]
    [16] mdflatten(::Base.GenericIOBuffer{Array{UInt8,1}}, ::Array{Any,1},
    ::Markdown.Paragraph) at C:\Users....julia\packages\Documenter\msPrq\src\Utilities\MDFlatten.jl:34
    [17] mdflatten(::Base.GenericIOBuffer{Array{UInt8,1}}, ::Markdown.Paragraph, ::Markdown.Paragraph) at C:\Users....julia\packages\Documenter\msPrq\src\Utilities\MDFlatten.jl:45
    [18] mdflatten at C:\Users....julia\packages\Documenter\msPrq\src\Utilities\MDFlatten.jl:32 [inlined]
    [19] Documenter.Writers.HTMLWriter.SearchRecord(::Documenter.Writers.HTMLWriter.HTMLContext, ::Documenter.Documents.NavNode, ::Markdown.Paragraph) at C:\Users....julia\packages\Documenter\msPrq\src\Writers\HTMLWriter.jl:207
    [20] (::getfield(Documenter.Writers.HTMLWriter, Symbol("##57#58")){Documenter.Writers.HTMLWriter.HTMLContext,Documenter.Documents.NavNode,Documenter.Documents.Page})(::Markdown.Paragraph) at C:\Users....julia\packages\Documenter\msPrq\src\Writers\HTMLWriter.jl:720
    [21] collect_to!(::Array{Do
    I am not sure how to interpret the symbol codes but clearly something is not liked in the MarkDown.... It is indeed manually setup so I may have made some sort of syntax mistake... forgot to close a tag... but these error messages don't say anything about WHERE the issue is happening
    mortenpi can you run it with this branch?
    mortenpi I added some try-catches so that it would give a bit more information when the error gets thrown
    mortenpi I am hoping it would show which at-block is giving you trouble
    Ok... I ran the script and thanks for including that stream... it allowed me to see that its arresting on a MD file I generated in Jupyter with some gadfly output
    I think I need to generate HTML from the Jupyter Files manually and link them after. Any thoughts? By the way, thank you very much, this has been tremendously helpful.
    mortenpi No worries :)
    mortenpi to combine notebooks and Documenter, you may want to check out Literate, which allows you to generate the notebook and a Documenter .md file from the same Julia source file:
    mortenpi also, could you by any chance share the Markdown file that was causing problems? Or some minimal version that still runs into the same problem? I would love to take a closer look to see where the issue comes from exactly
    I am going to install Literate.jl.... I am excited to figure this out. Today Docuemter.... Tomorrow The World! :-P
    By the way, once I moved the offending file, the build went through perfect. Now I can start dealing with the content rather than the container.
    mortenpi thanks for the file, it actually looks like it might be a bug in the Markdown parser
    mortenpi but just FYI, you can't unfortunately include a file file that in a Documenter build since it contains HTML and the Markdown parser we have can't handle HTML
    mortenpi and it seems that the parsing problems comes from some strange interpretation of that HTML
    mortenpi and it seems that the parsing problem comes from some strange interpretation of that HTML
    mortenpi one option would also be to customize the nbconvert plugin that does NB -> Markdown to put HTML at-raw blocks around the HTML output
    Ronny Bergmann
    Good eventing. I would like to switch with my package to the travis job-way of building the documentation (as you do here ) but enabling that disables sending the code-coverage (with the message after_success skipped as configures). As far as I can see, my config is completely similar to the one I just linked. What did I miss in changing the config? Just running tests and doc as scripts works.
    Ronny Bergmann
    I also added the coverage folder with its config, but I might be missing travis environment variables? Is there a docu for that? None of the examples I could find seem to work on my project (a not yet registered package, but I hope to submit that soon).
    Hey Morten... I have a new set of issues...
    I am trying to get my Doc deployed... even setup the runtests.jl but I get the follow ing error when I run the Make.jl file
    ┌ Info: Deployment criteria:
    │ - ✔ ENV["TRAVIS_REPO_SLUG"]="" occurs in repo=""
    │ - ✘ ENV["TRAVIS_PULL_REQUEST"]="" is "false"
    │ - ✔ ENV["TRAVIS_TAG"]="" is (i) empty or (ii) a valid VersionNumber
    │ - ✘ ENV["TRAVIS_BRANCH"]="" matches devbranch="master" (if tag is empty)
    │ - ✘ ENV["DOCUMENTER_KEY"] exists
    │ - ✔ ENV["TRAVIS_EVENT_TYPE"]="" is not "cron"
    └ Deploying: ✘
    All the variable are set in Travis... I even needed to update the DocumenterTools to make it work with Windows... because there is no which command... Ill create a branh this week and push my fix. In the mean time, when I trigger the job from also breaks. Any ideas?
    Here is the error I get in Travis
    Executing the default test script
    $ export JL_PKG=MCHammer
    Package name determined from repository url to be MCHammer
    9.23s$ julia --color=yes -e "if VERSION < v\"0.7.0-DEV.5183\"; Pkg.clone(pwd());\"${JL_PKG}\"); else using Pkg; if VERSION >= v\"1.1.0-rc1\";; else; end; end"
    Cloning default registries into ~/.julia
    Cloning registry from ""
    Added registry General to ~/.julia/registries/General
    ERROR: Package TOML [9d418dce-91a8-11e8-0173-7b01a971d501] not found in a registry.
    [1] pkgerror(::String) at /buildworker/worker/package_linux64/build/usr/share/julia/stdlib/v1.3/Pkg/src/Types.jl:112
    [2] check_registered(::Pkg.Types.Context, ::Array{Pkg.Types.PackageSpec,1}) at /buildworker/worker/package_linux64/build/usr/share/julia/stdlib/v1.3/Pkg/src/Operations.jl:924
    [3] #instantiate#81(::Nothing, ::Bool, ::Base.Iterators.Pairs{Union{},Union{},Tuple{},NamedTuple{(),Tuple{}}}, ::typeof(Pkg.API.instantiate), ::Pkg.Types.Context) at /buildworker/worker/package_linux64/build/usr/share/julia/stdlib/v1.3/Pkg/src/API.jl:473
    [4] instantiate at /buildworker/worker/package_linux64/build/usr/share/julia/stdlib/v1.3/Pkg/src/API.jl:461 [inlined]
    [5] build(::Pkg.Types.Context, ::Array{Pkg.Types.PackageSpec,1}, ::Bool) at /buildworker/worker/package_linux64/build/usr/share/julia/stdlib/v1.3/Pkg/src/Operations.jl:710
    [6] #build#73(::Bool, ::Base.Iterators.Pairs{Union{},Union{},Tuple{},NamedTuple{(),Tuple{}}}, ::typeof(, ::Pkg.Types.Context, ::Array{Pkg.Types.PackageSpec,1}) at /buildworker/worker/package_linux64/build/usr/share/julia/stdlib/v1.3/Pkg/src/API.jl:399
    [7] #build at ./none:0 [inlined]
    [8] #build#72 at /buildworker/worker/package_linux64/build/usr/share/julia/stdlib/v1.3/Pkg/src/API.jl:380 [inlined]
    [9] #build at ./none:0 [inlined]
    [10] #build#69 at /buildworker/worker/package_linux64/build/usr/share/julia/stdlib/v1.3/Pkg/src/API.jl:377 [inlined]
    [11] (::getfield(Pkg.API, Symbol("#kw##build")))(::NamedTuple{(:verbose,),Tuple{Bool}}, ::typeof( at ./none:0
    [12] top-level scope at none:1
    The command "julia --color=yes -e "if VERSION < v\"0.7.0-DEV.5183\"; Pkg.clone(pwd());\"${JL_PKG}\"); else using Pkg; if VERSION >= v\"1.1.0-rc1\";; else; end; end"" failed and exited with 1 during .
    Your build has been stopped.
    Ok... I had tried deleting the Manifest.toml and it did not work... but now I think it was a depricated Manifest file that was causing all the issues.
    i do not know anything to start writing documentation for my codes. what should i do?
    Benoît Legat
    Before each functions, you should but comments between triple quotes
        f(a, b)
    Return the sum of `a` and `b`.
    function f(a, b)
        return a + b
    Morten Piibeleht
    @fatemehmehrabi You might want to also read
    Marcelo Forets
    Hi! When trying to host the documentation for a new package ( we are getting this error:
    Setting environment variables from repository settings
    $ export DOCUMENTER_KEY=[secure]
    We were unable to parse one of your secure environment variables.
    Please make sure to escape special characters such as ' ' (white space) and $ (dollar symbol) with \ (backslash) .
    For example, thi$isanexample would be typed as thi\$isanexample. See
    did you get this error recently or have a suggestion for solving it? i generated the keys as in
    Christian Schilling
    hi, i work with @mforets and we managed to resolve the problem
    for some reason, we have two profiles at Travis: one containing all repositories of our organization with a .org address here and one containing new repositories with a .com address here (the latter seems to be not public). we only tried to add the private key to the latter (the .com address), which did not work. adding it to the former (the .org address) worked
    Marcelo Forets
    Morten Piibeleht
    @schillic @mforets As far as I know, Travis is migrating things to the .com domain, so new open source repos are there as well now. But so far they are keeping the old repos still at .org.
    But you'd have to add keys for each repo separately anyway, right?
    Marcelo Forets
    The fact that there was a JuliaReach profile in and another one in messed things up
    Marcelo Forets

    But you'd have to add keys for each repo separately anyway, right?

    hmm the new github repo has only 1 deploy key. i think we just kept with

    Casey Kneale
    Anyone a wizard with Documenter.jl? I have somehow borked my entire Docs
    I think it may be because I ran Pkg.update and got a new version of it or something?
    Casey Kneale
    Anyone know/have alternatives to Documenter.jl?
    Morten Piibeleht
    what error are you getting?
    Casey Kneale
    something about DOCUMENTER_KEY
    Júlio Hoffimann
    How to cross-reference a page? I tried [Page Title](@ref) without success. In this case Page Title is the name of the page in the make.jl file.