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Repo info
    Roger Xu
    like adding newlines in between the fields, etc...
    Shivam Sharma
    can we generate Java POJOs also using avrohugger?
    Floris Smit
    Hi, does anyone know how to override an "empty" namespace? My avro schemas are given and without a namespace
    Richard Gilmore
    wondering for logical types is it possible to have them just as either Int or Long?
    Claudio Scandura
    Hi, does anybody know if Union types are supported when generating SpecificRecord classes? I get the following error: [error] (Compile / avroScalaGenerateSpecific) Unions beyond nullable fields are not supported, which seems to suggest the answer is no. Any idea?

    Hey @julianpeeters avrohugger does not seem to support indirect recursion in schemas despite it being fine in avro. e.g.

      "type": "record",
      "name": "A",
      "fields": [
          "name": "B",
          "type": [
              "name": "C",
              "type": "record",
              "fields": [
                  "name": "D",
                  "type": [

    Avrohugger is throwing a key not found error.

    I did some investigating into the code and I noticed that problem is with the order of type registration and compilation. There is a SourceFormat.registerType method call for each “compilation unit”. I imagine the assumption was that as a topological search is being done first then it would be safe to do registration just before compiling each unit. However in order to support indirect recursion you would have to to register all types first before you can start compiling them.

    Would it be possible to change this in order to support indirect recursion?

    hi folks - quick question:
    We need to split Avro models across different sbt projects.
    Is it possible with sbt & avro-hugger to use a model from an .avsc in one sbt sub-project, in an .avsc file in another sbt sub-project?
    With default settings, avro-hugger keeps complaining that the required type from the other project is not found.
    Thx a lot!
    Alexander Khotyanov
    In case this was already discussed, is there a code example of what avro schema (avsc file contents) should look like to generate Scala ADT with sealed trait when running avroScalaGenerateSpecific?
    Anshul Bansal
    Hi Folks ,
    I need to add sbt plugin tht brings avrohugger core and other dependencies with 2.11 scala version instead of 2.12, currently addSbtPlugin("com.julianpeeters" % "sbt-avrohugger" % "2.0.0-RC22") is downloading 2.12 versions of libs
    sry, I think this channel is dead... I haven't seen a response in months :(
    nicu marasoiu
    Hi guys, I am wondering how it would be possible, using IDL, avsc or other format, to reference type definitions from other types & make sure they are recognized... thanks a lot.. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/62535519/how-do-i-use-an-avro-type-in-another-avro-type-without-defining-it-again
    Hi, we have a Kafka topic with values of Avro type union of two Avro types (any message is of one or another type). When we have union types for fields, we know how to work with them in the AvroHugger context, but when the union is top level, is there a way to define an ad hoc type that is simply the union of the two explicit types? Thank you
    Hi, is there a way of generating case classes that are not final using SpecificRecord? Would like to use them to extend other case classes.
    John Halbert
    Hi all! I'm using avrohugger-maven-plugin, and for some reason fields that should be type uuid are typed as String in generated scala code. Does anyone know how to resolve this so it's properly java.util.UUID?
    2 replies
    Yuming Wang
    Hi, It seems protocol generated code can not compatible with Avro 1.8.2. Do we have a way to workaround this issue?
    This is because Spark only support Avro 1.8.2.
    Stefano Perazzolo

    Hi, I am trying to generate an ADT from this schema using ScalaADT

    protocol Foo {
        record Bar {
            string a;
        record Baz {
            string b;

    but what I get is

    final case class Bar(a: String)
    final case class Baz(b: String)

    I would have expected this

    sealed trait Foo
    final case class Bar(a: String) extends Foo
    final case class Baz(b: String) extends Foo

    Inside the build.sbt file I have inserted

    avroScalaSpecificCustomTypes in Compile := {
        protocol = avrohugger.types.ScalaADT)
    sourceGenerators in Compile += (avroScalaGenerate in Compile).taskValue

    Did I omit something?
    Is the behavior I have described to you actually what one should expect?
    I apologize if it is a known problem and if it is just my misunderstanding, and I hope not to waste your time unnecessarily.

    Thank you

    Dmitriy Zakomirnyi
    I'm considering to try the lib in my project and it makes me wonder why no stable release since Dec 2017.
    Joan Goyeau
    The plugin for the Mill build tool

    And I'm having the first issue:

    new MemberData(, , , , , , , , , , )

    Do you know why it's generating those , ?
    It's not compilable code

    Joan Goyeau
    I found out that's when we have "default": {}
    It should have generated new MemberData() instead
    Jeff Martin
    Hi, hoping someone might be able to help me setup sbt-avrohugger to use schema files from a jar. I've got sbt to download and unpack the schema files, but can't get avrohugger to see the schema files until I run compile for a second time.
    Jeff Martin
    Worked it out, needed to use Def.sequential to set the order in which the tasks ran https://gist.github.com/custommonkey/b13e165a7404def84cd85ea3c5369157

    I've got my build.sbt file setup as:

    import Dependencies._
    import sbt._
    ThisBuild / scalaVersion     := "2.13.2"
    ThisBuild / version          := "0.0.1"
    lazy val root = (project in file("."))
        name := "ziostreams",
        libraryDependencies ++= Seq(
          zio, zioKafka, zioStreams, avro
    //  watchSources ++= ((avroSourceDirectory in Compile).value ** "*.avdl").get
    //  ,
      sourceGenerators in Compile += (avroScalaGenerate in Compile).taskValue

    And the plugin.sbt file set to use 2.0.0-RC4

    When I do a sbt compile I'm getting error not found value avroScalaSourceDirectory and avroScalaGenerate (other line is uncommented)

    What do I need to import to get it to see that I'm using the avrohugger
    The issue I had was that the plugins.sbt file was not in the right place . it never knew about the plugin
    Alexey Vorobyov
    Hi! When to expect new version (1.7) of avrohugger-maven-plugin in maven central repository? Can you please make one?
    Alexey Vorobyov
    I'm having this issue julianpeeters/avrohugger#85
    Error message: "Unions beyond nullable fields are not supported"
    It was resolved in new version of avrohugger
    Ayal Kroub
    @julianpeeters hey, is there a way for schemas in a certain module to access schemas in other modules in the repo? could that be possible using some sbt manipulations?
    I tried to follow your example here: https://github.com/julianpeeters/sbt-avrohugger/tree/master/src/sbt-test/avrohugger/filesorter/src/main/avro
    however, I'm still getting undefined type error, because each namespace I define is only reachable in its own module