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    David L. Goldberg
    (I happened to be off on a sick day today, feeling better now :P )
    John Wright
    Glad to be of service :)
    John Wright
    It would require a different procedure for marking and selecting, but after playing a little in the console it seems like it could be possible to extend the jump in to the tree-view too. Recon that would be handy?
    John Wright
    Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 10.46.15.png
    The styling doesn't work yet... but you see the potential
    David L. Goldberg
    Dude, yeah that'd be super awesome, don't know if you saw it but... there's a somewhat related issue:
    by *any clickable area, we can settle for any within reason :P
    Of course we could ship them piece meal, but was thinking maybe we can get tabs too...
    I also really would love to be able to go across windows haven't explored that ever....I imagine it's possible.
    although I've been opening fewer windows these days with cmd shift o add to project folder and atom -a .
    which also adds it
    still I have 2 windows once in a while
    John Wright
    Ah yeh. That would be good. Unsure how one would figure out what's "clickable" though.
    Maybe a set of configurable selectors
    David L. Goldberg
    Well, confined to Atom, we're 2 sets away from this... treeview, and tabs, what else? Anything else, is some real low hanging fruit, not worth it heh
    oops, I meant to say
    low return on investment I guess
    the other 2 are kind of just low hanging fruit, easy to throw in
    and, the more I think about it, this task really is low hanging / easy....
    should have attacked it sooner
    once tabs go above 5, it's hard to do cmd + # to switch....
    maybe we can build a separate package that when you hold comand
    numbers the tabs
    and then jumpy's f, can call that command
    and you'd hit the normal cmd + #
    oh my biggest problem is when I have different panes
    there's no way to like switch to cmd + # ......
    so the above feature is cool but not as cool as jumpy labeling them
    David L. Goldberg
    which brings me to another point, I really want to get around to this package idea I had for a back button / cycle position button that's based solely on ALL cursors, all windows, panes..... by utilizing a debounce....
    so anywhere the cursor sat for a while, jump back to that....and flash the beacon
    btw, I'm really glad you restored the beacon because
    I one time accidentally discovered what would be a cool package, but never got around to it.....
    I had a bug, where the beacon was always being displayed with focus of a tab
    it turns out
    as a way to guide your eyes when opening a new tab it's super useful
    so I've wanted to build that too
    I think that and the back button would both be separate packages
    anyway, enough lunch time antics for today :)
    I was going to call it back-jumpy
    John Wright
    I like the idea. Kind of a automatic marker.
    I'm assuming you could jump back several places in your history
    John Wright
    This looks similar to what you're suggesting...
    David L. Goldberg
    hah, yeah when I last looked at that thing (I think it was that one) it didn't work, and had the most crazy logic I've ever seen.... not sure that's the one I'm thinking of though... but anyway, I think debounce might just be magic... have to experiment with it.
    I saw your PR it's amazing
    I'll investigate this weekend
    David L. Goldberg
    I'm doing some cleanup.... particularly though to prep for some mobx integration. @johngeorgewright I think you'll like it... I might have you reshape some of the stuff you did.... or I might be able to just pull it in and refit it in... definitely want your commits to be in there....rather than just copy and paste your work of course :worried: ....this mobx stuff is amazing... have you used it? If not I think you'll love it.
    I'm not done but I think it will make things a bunch easier.
    as i'm doing this.. i just decided to compare to some of your refactors....similar