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    David L. Goldberg
    and, the more I think about it, this task really is low hanging / easy....
    should have attacked it sooner
    once tabs go above 5, it's hard to do cmd + # to switch....
    maybe we can build a separate package that when you hold comand
    numbers the tabs
    and then jumpy's f, can call that command
    and you'd hit the normal cmd + #
    oh my biggest problem is when I have different panes
    there's no way to like switch to cmd + # ......
    so the above feature is cool but not as cool as jumpy labeling them
    which brings me to another point, I really want to get around to this package idea I had for a back button / cycle position button that's based solely on ALL cursors, all windows, panes..... by utilizing a debounce....
    so anywhere the cursor sat for a while, jump back to that....and flash the beacon
    btw, I'm really glad you restored the beacon because
    David L. Goldberg
    I one time accidentally discovered what would be a cool package, but never got around to it.....
    I had a bug, where the beacon was always being displayed with focus of a tab
    it turns out
    as a way to guide your eyes when opening a new tab it's super useful
    so I've wanted to build that too
    I think that and the back button would both be separate packages
    anyway, enough lunch time antics for today :)
    I was going to call it back-jumpy
    John Wright
    I like the idea. Kind of a automatic marker.
    I'm assuming you could jump back several places in your history
    John Wright
    This looks similar to what you're suggesting...
    David L. Goldberg
    hah, yeah when I last looked at that thing (I think it was that one) it didn't work, and had the most crazy logic I've ever seen.... not sure that's the one I'm thinking of though... but anyway, I think debounce might just be magic... have to experiment with it.
    I saw your PR it's amazing
    I'll investigate this weekend
    David L. Goldberg
    I'm doing some cleanup.... particularly though to prep for some mobx integration. @johngeorgewright I think you'll like it... I might have you reshape some of the stuff you did.... or I might be able to just pull it in and refit it in... definitely want your commits to be in there....rather than just copy and paste your work of course :worried: ....this mobx stuff is amazing... have you used it? If not I think you'll love it.
    I'm not done but I think it will make things a bunch easier.
    as i'm doing this.. i just decided to compare to some of your refactors....similar
    David L. Goldberg
    the label-manager ish stuff....
    particularly...pull out the require for 'Point', and 'Range' .......drawLabels and drawBeacon
    priority #1 heh
    when i'm all done with the mobx stuff i'll create a PR, and have you and maybe a few other people eyeball it before pushing it... I think the tree view stuff can go a lot easier after that.. we'll see... I'll definitely get it in there! heh
    David L. Goldberg
    first time I've had in a while..
    David L. Goldberg

    hi guys, if curious, here's a PR I've made...it has 2 commits (read individually) 1. Pulls out a bunch of stuff from jumpy-view to a labels.coffee ... 2. refactors a bunch of code with mobx..... The mobx added net 19 more LOC according to the stat, but I think the code is a lot cleaner / flexible. @johngeorgewright I think your PR for tree view....the labels can be almost unioned in...I had an idea, but I'd have to rethink about it...

    There's a small outstanding 2 bugs with "Jump Mode!" in the status on open (2nd time) and with too many calls to reset (the backspace) ....I'll make 2 tests tonight, and can probably fix both with one line of initialization / reset or something.Hold off a little maybe before reapplying your work... I have to re read your stuff and see how difficult it would be for you to apply the same approach on top (probably cut and pasting some code on top of the new master would be easiest... I don't want to just steal your stuff I want you to get credit :smile:

    I'm pretty gung ho about this mobx approach though. Unless everyone thinks I'm nuts...

    BTW, new Atom release the tests run in half the time (master branch too)..

    David L. Goldberg
    When I'm done with the above tests/fix -> rebase squash down to that one commit..I'm going to post it on discuss.atom.io ....I did a search and there's no mention of mobx .....anywhere. Crazy.
    See what people think / maybe start a trend.
    @johngeorgewright I was thinking ......we'd take my 2 commits...and whatever your PR on top looks like....and call it 4.0.0 ...technically "breaking" in that it changes functionality and .....total new architecture so major version bump worthy I think.
    sorry for the delay, was kind of busy and also had to learn a lot more mobx heh
    David L. Goldberg
    @johngeorgewright just so you know, big refactor coming soon, it somewhat facilitates the kind of stuff you did in that last PR (tree view). Don't think I forgot about your work, just been a bit busy....I tried mobx, didn't love it for Jumpy, landed on javascript-state-machine ....also improved the tests a bit....
    not this weekend, but the following, going to put a lot of time in
    David L. Goldberg
    FYI: DavidLGoldberg/jumpy#108
    David L. Goldberg

    @johngeorgewright Your treeview PR inspired a complete rewrite.....well like 3 rewrites..... first some refactors for modularization then I went to mobx (won't find it in the commits) .....replaced that with javascript-state-machine ...(still in there) went to Javascript -> Typescript... and then built an OOish interface / class thing with typescript kind of similar to what you did....

    I think you'll like it.....it should be easy to copy the new tabs labeling feature .....one file 100 LOCish and turn it into tree view. I did the tabs functionality because I thought it was easier, and wanted to see if you wanted to take a look at another round of the tree view (all of your styling code should still work I might be able to cherry pick it in)

    That is, if you're not busy and interested! If not I can look at it in the next few weeks. My next adventure is to replace a lot of the javascript-state-machine stuff with elm believe it or not. My goal is to have elm-> typescript .....and that arch in both VS Code and Atom...

    Jumpy can't move to characters like start of bracket ( etc. Is there a plan to add this functionality?
    David L. Goldberg
    @hrishikeshvganu sorry for the delayed response.... there are some plans....should be listed in the issues as well. Just yesterday someone opened an issue pointing to a fork addressing some of those issues. It might be a while, but it's definitely planned.
    Hi! :) Back in version 3 I hacked my jumpy so it supported multiple modes/patterns. So for example I had separate keybindings for jumping to quotation marks or to whitespace characters.
    Now the code has become more complex and doesn't seem to lend itself so easily to hacking it in this way, what with there being multiple labelers and them all being in separate files.
    So what my old hack basically did was look into a .json file with the mode names and their regexps listed and then create atom commands for each of them.
    Could you give me some pointers how do this elegantly in the current version? I would probably have to hack the settings here and change the wordsPattern, right? And then I would have to remove tabLabels and treeItemLabelsfrom allLabels.
    Or is there any more elegant way? :)
    For what my hack in version 3 looked like see here: https://gist.github.com/ithil/98949b5dd02365623954fd8790768103