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Oct 2016
Jason Grout
Oct 18 2016 00:25
I think so!
Good luck @willingc!
Carol Willing
Oct 18 2016 03:32
Thanks @jasongrout. I'll have @JamiesHQ and Reese to pitch in too!
Oct 18 2016 04:41
Steven Silvester
Oct 18 2016 15:10
won’t make it, doctor’s appt
Min RK
Oct 18 2016 15:44
@/all: by responses, @jasongrout and I will be alone at the meeting, so maybe cancel?
M Pacer
Oct 18 2016 15:45
I was planning on being there too but I dunno if that establishes quorum and I don't have too much to talk about with everyone gone
Peter Parente
Oct 18 2016 15:50
i can make it for 30 if we're having it
Min RK
Oct 18 2016 15:50
I'll start the meeting at the arranged time, and we'll see who is around. It can be quick!
I'll be a few minutes behind, due to transit delays.
Damian Avila
Oct 18 2016 16:02
won't be able to make it today (conflicting dad task :wink: - pick him up from kinder)
Oct 18 2016 16:08
@/all : please meet and update each other!
Afshin Taylor Darian
Oct 18 2016 16:39
we did. good luck with your talk @willingc and @JamiesHQ
Oct 18 2016 16:44
thanks everyone!
Oct 18 2016 17:26
@/all : Thanks to Min for hosting today's Jupyter Dev Meeting! Here's the recording: