These are chat archives for jupyter/dev-meeting-attendance

Apr 2018
Damian Avila
Apr 24 2018 11:44
Dr appt. See you next week!
Afshin Taylor Darian
Apr 24 2018 12:47
I have had a plumbing mishap and won't be able to make the meeting.
Jason Grout
Apr 24 2018 14:36
not sure if I'll make the meeting either. updates are that we released jlab 0.32 last week (I think we mentioned this last week?)
and we've been getting feedback, likely release a 0.32.1 with some bugfixes very soon
and we're working hard on 0.33
I'm refactoring some internal architecture stuff for 0.33 dealing with the document registry and how documents get put on the page
Grant Nestor
Apr 24 2018 16:04
I won't be able to attend this morning either
Carol Willing
Apr 24 2018 16:04
Should we skip meeting today?
J Forde
Apr 24 2018 16:06
we can
Stacey Dorton
Apr 24 2018 20:02
I need confirmation whether today's meeting occurred...??
Ian Rose
Apr 24 2018 20:03
Hi Stacey, we had light attendance today, so did not record.
Thanks for checking
Stacey Dorton
Apr 24 2018 20:24