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Min RK
I thought I did
Matthias Bussonnier
or did you do berkeley ?
Min RK
ok, shared now
Matthias Bussonnier
Yep ! received email ! Thanks !
Matthias Bussonnier
Ha, apparently I also had fastly account, and nbviewer was delegated to me. Completely forgot. Sorry to have bothered you. Deployed version 75 by removing my VM. Thanks !
Safwan Ahmad Siddiqi
Can anyone confirm my hypothesis that nbconvert relies on Mathjax configuration option skipStartupTypeset: false (the default) for Latex rendering and it doesn't call MathJax.Hub.Queue() or MathJax.Hub.Typeset() explicitly ?
Peter Parente
Min RK
Yeah. It's weird. We have the same code on the jupyer.org website and it's didn't report a similar drop.
In fact, it reported a slight increase, which is what I would expect since we no longer deduplicate user visits.
Strangely: most traffic is being reported as to 'nbviewer.ipython.org'
But there's still some nbviewer.jupyter.org traffic being tracked
Min RK
@parente I figured out the analytics. CloudFlare was injecting additional analytics on *.jupyter.org, which was confusing things, since there were two tags on the page. nbviewer pageviews were getting sent to jupyter.org instead. It's fixed now.
Elijah Rippeth
Morning, folks. Does anyone know if it's possible to enable terminal colors in nbviewer? I used jq in a cell and the terminal colors are being literally displayed:
  "fileName": "96059229-8b20-4ff2-b0fc-98330fa7f738",
  "submissionTime": "2018-09-25T08:01:43.732"
Matthias Bussonnier
It's likely just a bug of ansi sequence not correctly escaped. We don't have many people that maintain nbviewer.
I've got a dumb question - when you use create a github oauth app what do you use for the Authorization callback URL. Is the answer it doesn't mattter becuase nbviewer doesn't use oauth for auth, just to get access to github public api?
Min RK
That’s right
hi..I have a question about micromagnetic codes. Is there anyone who can help me?
Muneeb ul Hassan
HI I just run a command to"" docker run -p 8080:8080 jupyter/nbviewer python3 -m nbviewer --localfiles=/home/muneeb/ --port=8080 "" Now I have access to http://localhost:8080/ but i am not able to access the ipynb file
can some tell me what i am doing wrong
Roger Labbe
I had a bug in a notebook with ipywidgests where the nbformat was wrong. Viewed in nbviewer, I got the "400: Bad Request {'model_id' ... } is not valid under any of the schemas". Someone forked this, opened in jupyter lab and saved it, and I merged this back in. nbviewer is still showing the error. His fork renders fine. It turns out if I use a link with /blob/master in it I get the error, if the link contains the specific SHA of HEAD it renders. I assume this is just a caching error, but it has been 21 hours, and tests on a new branch I made changes show up in nbviewer very quickly after I push them. Error: https://nbviewer.jupyter.org/github/rlabbe/Kalman-and-Bayesian-Filters-in-Python/blob/master/02-Discrete-Bayes.ipynb and good: https://nbviewer.jupyter.org/github/rlabbe/Kalman-and-Bayesian-Filters-in-Python/blob/4308372241fc870f21187ddf611b1133656e5525/02-Discrete-Bayes.ipynb 4308272 is HEAD
I made the following nbviewer website. Is there any way to submit it to be on the projects landing page?
Christian Gerbrandt
hi there, i just installed jupyterhub from the tljh repo, and added nbviewer as a service. i'm using the localfile provider to serve the local notebooks from the hub. when i open an notebook in the nbviewer, i.e. via /service/nbviewer/localfile/... i can see it in the browser. however a reload on the actual hub is no longer working, throwing a 500 error. i tried to troubleshoot this, and found out that nbviewer is creating a /usr/share/juyter folder, while the files are in /opt/tljh/user/share/jupyter. i have to remove the folder before i can access the notebook again. i had to remove the folder every time after i restarted the hub. any idea what this is causing? my guess is i have to set a path in some config file, but not sure which or where. any help much appreciated
Matthias Bussonnier
I'm unsure, but be careful, when I wrote it "localfile provider" was only for debugging; it can be a huge security risk.
Christian Gerbrandt
it is internal only, but i also see no other way to make the hub notebooks available with nbviewer
Christian Gerbrandt
and i get a 404 when trying to use "View as code"
normal view url is /services/nbviewer/localfile/jupyter-test/test.ipynb while the "View as code" creates the following url: /services/nbviewer/localfile/jupyter-test/script/localfile/jupyter-test/test.ipynb