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Repo info
    Jianjun Mao
    Yi Lu
    Nathan O Wesly
    hello anyone here
    M Misch
    So is there any way to export the vim-clang dictionary for neocomplete? (I've read through the issue, but that's not 'working')
    What do you mean by "export" ?
    this plugin is the best for c++!!
    my vim now need two thingsa "go to definition" and neoinclude read paths from ".clang".
    Zheng Luo
    It seems buggy when diagopts is set:
    Hi...Its a really good plugin..Real good work...
    I am facing an issue with my project...it says fatal error unable to find xyz.h, file not found
    I have a .clang file with -I. in it
    and the missing header files are inside include folder
    I modified .clang to include full path ./include .. and its working fine now...
    Now the issue is "fatal error: 'cstddef' file not found"
    Zheng Luo
    @enstrophy Have you ever tried to add -I /usr/include/c++/{your_gcc_version} in .clang?
    @htfy96 Ya did that..also had to add /usr/include/c++/5.3.0/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu too..
    But when I update my compiler which will often happen as I am using a rolling distribution...I will have to change path again..
    There should be a more permanent solution to this...adding the path to me just a temporary work around.
    Zheng Luo
    @enstrophy I also use a rolling distribution, and a possibly better workaround couls be installing libcpp and add -I /usr/include/c++/v1 ti .clang.
    Anyway, this is still not a perfect solution and I guess we should read the default path of headers used in a C++ compiler.
    @htfy96 Yep, I agree..for now its working.
    Paul Meffle
    Hello everybody,
    I just installed vim-clang on linux and everything works fine, but on windows the code completion wont work although the syntax checking does.
    Is there anything I can do to filter out the problem that causes that?
    After typing 'std::' for example I can see a console window popping up(like when I run the syntax checking) but I get no list with suggestions.
    Iosmanthus Teng
    Can vim-clang completes builtin functions described as __builtin*
    Is my clang version too high?