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Jan 2016
David Majda
Jan 07 2016 12:13
@dmehra The "task" and "performance" labels which are mentioned in the wiki do not exist on GitHub -- do I suppose correctly this is just an omission given there was a consensus we want them? If so, could you create them please? (I'd do that myself, but I'd like to leave the color choice to you since you chose all the rest...)
David Majda
Jan 07 2016 13:27
FYI we agreed with @dmehra that I will triage incoming issues in the "juttle" repository. I finished the initial pass today, and I plan to do the triage every day. In general, I think repo maintainers should do this for repos owned by them.
@dmehra We may want to have a label indicating the bug was moved into a different repo, e.g. "moved". So far I closed such issues without any resolution label.
Daria Mehra
Jan 07 2016 15:42
Ok I'll see about the labels