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Feb 2016
Phil Rzewski
Feb 09 2016 18:58 UTC

Small question about module imports. The doc says the reference in the import statement can be "a relative or absolute filesystem path". However, I find:

# juttle coming_going.juttle
   1:import '/home/ubuntu/batchDelta.juttle' as b;
Error: could not find module "/home/ubuntu/batchDelta.juttle" (RT-MODULE-NOT-FOUND)

# ls -l /home/ubuntu/batchDelta.juttle
-rw-rw-r-- 1 ubuntu ubuntu 2937 Feb  9 18:54 /home/ubuntu/batchDelta.juttle

If I change the import to just "batchDelta.juttle", it works. So, absolute fails for some reason.

Mark Stemm
Feb 09 2016 19:02 UTC
I think the import rules for juttle aren’t exactly the same as those for juttle-engine