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Sep 2015
Sep 11 2015 01:04
Actually, I can't even play a normal video even with the advertising tag out - am I missing something needed to use the built version of the Git repo?
Ethan Feldman
Sep 11 2015 14:25
@TrekSoft Where are you running this?
@Zatara7 You are looking for jwplayer().getPlaylistItem();
Sep 11 2015 17:07
This is part of a Facebook app - basically I had the downloaded API from the website in and it was working fine but when I subbed out the jwplayer library files with the ones built from the Git repo, it's not working so I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong
Sep 11 2015 19:05
Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 12.04.06 PM.png
Here you can see that it's somehow going through the video file but not showing it
And it's not going through the ad videos at all - that's just the 2-second black video at the end