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Jul 2016
Jean-Christophe Pâris
Jul 12 2016 14:11
I'm having a very basic issue which I hope someone can help me with. JWPlayer triggers an onError event whenever my activity resumes after having stopped. My demo app is as easy as it gets, by which I mean I create the player when my activity gets created, when it resumes I start the player, and when paused I pause the player. Please help me !
Jean-Christophe Pâris
Jul 12 2016 14:23
OK got it need to call onRqume/onPause on player...
Donato Borrello
Jul 12 2016 15:53
@beshkanweb - jwplayer does not support 3gp, actually I'm not even sure who WOULD support it. If you google for "3gp to mp4" that may help solve your problem
@JeanCParis glad you got it!