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Dec 2016
Imran shaikh
Dec 16 2016 07:18
Hi All ,
I am using jwplayer 7.8.1 and issues might be the HLS encryption for few browsers, i am getting error "Set up Timeout error: setup took longer than 30 seconds to complete.", i am using ".m3u8" extension with below setup config. could anybody help me to understand what is the issue, am i using correct setup config? please suggest fix for this issue.

"playlist": <<here I am passing json object with .m3u8 file extension>>,
"primary": "html5",
"preload": "none",
"hlshtml": true,
"type": "hls",
"androidhls": true,
"displaytitle": false,
"width": "100%",
"height": "100%",
"stretching": "uniform",
"aspectratio": "16:9" ,
"autostart": true,
"mute": true,
"advertising": {
"autoplayadsmuted": true,
"client": "googima",
"schedule": {
"myAds": {
"offset": "pre",
"tag": adTag + "&correlator=random-number&cust_params=" + encodeURIComponent(custom_params)