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Mar 2017
Will Mruzek
Mar 09 2017 03:51
I'm trying to authenticate API requests on the frontend. Is this safe considering I'll have the secret key on the front end? Thanks!
Will Mruzek
Mar 09 2017 04:36
Forgot about CORS ... will need to be on the backend anyway
Never mind
Mohammed Essaid MEZERREG
Mar 09 2017 10:56
I was trying to build the player using the instructions on the readme on github repository of jwplayer but when I run grunt I get this error :
Loading "Gruntfile.js" tasks...ERROR
>> Error: Cannot find module 'minimist'
Warning: Task "default" not found. Used --force, continuing.

Done, but with warnings.
same thing with force, I installed the last version of jdk and jre also.