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Repo info
    Guillaume Rischard
    Hi everyone! Where's the github repository for the default themes? I'd like to submit a PR for my losslessly recompressed images.
    Hi there! Is it possible to switch volume slider in horizontally?
    Leandro Barbosa
    Nonthawat Srichad
    Hi there :smile:
    Hello, Could someone please point me to the API reference to turn off a control in the control bar?
    Sorry in addition to this question. Is there a button ID reference? I wish to disable the Playlist button from the control bar.
    Hi all, where do I get a copy of the js files to host manually?
    Daniel Rosewarne
    Hi - hoping someone in here might be able to help. We're using the onXhrOpen option to add an Authorization header, however we've just realised that on Safari it defaults back to the native HLS player. Do we have any options here? Any way we can force Safari to use JWPlayer, or append the header natively?
    @danielrosewarne when you call .setup are you forcing primary: html5?
    @scottb500 you've got to login to your account and then go to https://dashboard.jwplayer.com/#/players/downloads wherein you'll find the self-hosted options.
    Note however that though the bulk of the assets are here, the player itself will need to access various js assets located on JW's CDN
    Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 1.07.23 PM.png
    Recently at NAB I asked them why they did this and if it could be circumvented and they said it cannot and they have no plans to allow do so
    @stuartflanagan I generally address specific control elements (especially custom ones) with the .jw-icon[role="button"][button="button-id-here"] selector
    Hi all, I am using jwplayer on android for showing live streams it showed the time slider for rewind very well, but it's been about one month that I lost the time slider(seekbar) I really need this feature, any help for cause of not having this slidetimer anymore
    @adamellsworth Thanks!
    Hello, I was using jwplayer for rewind in 2.7.x but with upgrade to 2.8.x I lost the slider time in jwplayer controllers, I have to get back to 2.7.x because of this, but now in 2.7.x I sometimes get this error on player:
    com.google.android.exoplayer.upstream... Response code:404
    I am on android by the way
    1. I am using the WordPress plugin.
    2. I am building showcase into hosting.
    Can I use SAML authentication when accessing jwcloud?
    Neerav Chauhan
    Hello all
    DRM content offline is possible with JW player ?
    I need to hire a developer to do some customizing to the sample batch migration script (https://bit.ly/2JQXHPP). It involves adding trim_in_point and trim_out_point parameters. Is there a resource where JW developers can be found or any here?
    Tarjei Huse
    Hi, is there anyone here with experience using the management API?
    I'm getting errors with the signatures in PHP. They suddenly stopped working correctly
    Vishwajeet Vatharkar
    Hi, I want JW Player to stop picking the Subtitle (caption) tracks embedded in the m3u8 file for HLS streaming
    How can I do that?
    Lai Yingxiao
    Hi, is jwplayer platform hosting videos using facebook CDN under the hood?
    Laurian Gridinoc
    How can I control an iframed jwplayer? I can listen to play/pause events from the iframe with window.addEventListener("message"... but how can I send play, pause and seek messages to the iframed player? (also I need to listen to timeupdate events)
    Vishal Singh
    i want to add search option for jwplayer playlist
    but i not found any solution for this. have any idea for this issue?
    Daniel Kaliyo
    Hello, I would like to embed a playlist with the list to the right of the video how do i configure jw player to do this
    Mohammed S Shurrab
    Hi, did Android and iOS SDKs support adaptive bitrate?
    Karim Mourra
    @devmsh yes, they support adaptive bitrates
    @dankaliyo you would need to implement your own UI to have a playlist to the right of the video
    Mohammed S Shurrab

    The JWPlayer citied that iOS SDK not supported for small businesses and agencies?
    Did anyone successfully find an alternative for the iOS SDK? with Adaptive bit-rate support?


    Le La฿ TV 📺
    Hi everybody, i would like to know if you have an exemple to website who use your minimize + float player on scroll please (https://developer.jwplayer.com/jw-player/demos/advanced/minimize-and-float-video-on-scroll/) ? Thank you
    Le La฿ TV 📺
    is there anyone here ?
    Le La฿ TV 📺
    very very bad the new Custom Reports ... very low ...
    and only works when he wants ..
    Le La฿ TV 📺
    is there anyone here ?
    Rahul K R
    Hi, did iOS SDK support video upload to JWPlayer video hosting ?
    Ivan Milic
    Hi everybody,
    For iOS SDK, I wanted to change the video that is playing in player without reinitializing the whole player with the new config. I tried modifying sources and tracks of the existing config but it ended up playing the first video it got initialized with. After some investigation, I didn’t find other ways to do it unless I’m using playlists. Also, with playlists, I had no luck with modifying the existing playlist object of the existing config (I got a blank player screen). Only way it worked was using the load() method with the new playlist. Is that the expected behavior? Is that the only way to change the playlist content?
    Also, are there ways of changing the video that is playing other than changing the playlist? Using the playlist, I have to load a new playlist with a single video everytime I want to change the currently playing video which seems more like a workaround.
    Hi everyone!
    Im not able to find any documentation on how would be the best way to create an additional custom settings submenu tab...
    Any ideas/experience/guidance on this?
    I want to try the more integrated way possible before starting to capture user clicks and switching submenu tabs manually...
    Thanks in advance! :D
    Fridman Igor
    Hi everybody.
    I'm using JwPlayer 3.3.0 version in Android. I need to remove the full screen button. I braking my head on this for two day. Please someone help me with this one.