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Nov 2016
Maurice Mohlek
Nov 24 2016 14:37
One question. I am currently trying to understand @JsonApiLookupIncludeAutomatically
I assumed it will automatically loopkup to my relationship repository, fetch my data and include it in my response. The fact is, nothing happens... Katharsis just produces a relation link in the response and thats it. it doesnt matter if i add this annotation or not. am i missing something?
GET the relationship manually works fine
I just want to include data in the first place. I dont want to do the same code in two different repositories
Nov 24 2016 20:54
you are maybe looking for JsonApiIncludeByDefault as well. One does the include by default. The other performs the actual inclusion by accessing the relationship repositories.
Maurice Mohlek
Nov 24 2016 21:34
Hm.. the docs are poorly written on this.
I will update them as soon I understand all of the annotations with their parameters