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Apr 2015
Christoph Burgdorf
Apr 08 2015 21:32
Is it intentional that -f="foo" doesn't work whereas --foo="foo" works? So for the short version the = notation is not legal
Kevin K.
Apr 08 2015 22:40
Yes that is by design. It would be somewhat simple to allow -f=value but I don't think I've seen that used anywhere before. I was using mainly Unix/Linux precedents.
There's not really a huge advantage of that over -f value`.
But --foo=value is used pretty heavily so that almost has to be allowed.
Same with --foo value
Kevin K.
Apr 08 2015 22:49
I think the main issue is it starts to get tricky when you combine shorts its messy I.e. -sBf=value being the same as -s -B -f value