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Feb 2018
William Murphy
Feb 28 2018 12:01
@kbknapp I'm going to have some time in the next few weeks to help with kbknapp/clap-rs#1037 - is there any task in particular I should start with, or just pick any one?
Kevin K.
Feb 28 2018 14:18
Awesome! Probably the order I would tackle is "Backport" #1161 -> bump term_size to 1.0 -> Move the ARGS section to print first in help message (but still last in usage) -> and if you're feeling really froggy a proposal for the "custom help message sections"
If you can get through all that, you're smoking through it ;)
Oh and App::mut_arg would be another good one to work on (slightly independent of the above)
where mut_arg takes &str, fn(&mut Arg) to do something to an arg that's already been defined
if you do any of those changes, branch off v3-master and make a PR against v3-master