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Mar 2018
Luke Frisken
Mar 16 2018 06:48
hi folks I'm looking at using clap for replacing an existing command line application using rust. However I've been having trouble getting clap to recognise the formats of it's arguments, which take the form of "-argument" instead of the usual "--argument". Is it possible to get this to work in clap?
Denis Lisov
Mar 16 2018 07:40
@kellpossible There was an issue for that, but it has disappeared and I can't see it at all anymore... looks like it was #1201
Aleksey Kladov
Mar 16 2018 13:48
Just curious, why .number_of_values(1) is not a default for .multiple(true)? The docs spend quite a bit of ink explaining potential mistakes with .multiple(true) and positionals, and surely I made one, when migrating Cargo to clap =P .number_of_values(1) seems to be a "safer" default, because it is conservative
Kevin K.
Mar 16 2018 14:12
@kellpossible super strange, there was a recent issue open for this, but it apparently is gone (not even closed)...if you'd like to reopen the issue it's something I'd like to support eventually
@matklad it was due to how it was originally implemented, in v3 it is the default
Aleksey Kladov
Mar 16 2018 14:14
Oh, great!
Mar 16 2018 21:29
@kbknapp @willmurphyscode thanks for your help, after i got some sleep i redesign code including your advice and now it works. thanks