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Jun 2018
Kevin K.
Jun 15 2018 00:00
@hstefan nope, that's supposed to pass now. I was written to "fail" just to ensure semantics didn't change unknowingly
however, your PR fixes that old issue, so it can be removed entirely in favor of your test
Stefan Puhlmann
Jun 15 2018 00:02
Awesome! Hopefully I can figure out what's up with did you mean then
Kevin K.
Jun 15 2018 00:10
I'm looking at it now ;)
Kevin K.
Jun 15 2018 00:36
Something that's helpful to debug just a single test function like this (in this case did_you_mean) is to run $ cargo test --test opts -- did_you_mean where opts is the file in tests/ to run, and after the -- is just a pattern and it says to run test that match that pattern
then you can do things like $ cargo test --test opts --features debug -- did_you_mean
to get the debug output for just that one test
and not run the entire test suite