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May 2019
Kelly Thomas Kline
May 06 04:34
Is v3 ready for ppl to begin using? If so where can I find docs on using it?
Jamie Kyle
May 06 22:35
:wave: Question: Is there a way of ignoring -- completely when accepting multiple args.

The command is

bolt run [FLAGS] <task-name> [args]...

And I want to be able to pass

bolt run task foo bar baz -- bat

And get

["bar", "baz", "--", "bat"]

as [args]...

Right now it is stripping out the -- and giving me just
["bar", "baz", "bat"]
Oh I think I just found the answer... .setting(clap::AppSettings::TrailingVarArg)
Ignore me, ta ta
Jamie Kyle
May 06 22:43

Actually is there a way of making it so that I can run:

bolt run task --help

And have --help be added to [args]... instead of displaying the output for the SubCommand?