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Another thing, if you guys don't mind.
I'm moving from a python library (click) where I was able to have sub commands structured like this:

├── subcommand1.py
├── subcommand2.py
└── subcommand3.py

Is there an easy way to accomplish this with clap?

Cliff Dyer
@kbknapp Is there anything I can do to help move along PRs and issues? I'm happy to help out with code review or triage, or anything else you need.
I was originally scoping out the issues to see if I could contribute some code, but it looks like the backlog is big enough already. :)
Cliff Dyer
@tecosaur: I don't think clap will automate that for you, but a match on matches.subcommand_name(), and a dispatch to a function in the appropriate submodule shouldn't be too complex. You might need a mod.rs in your commands directory to load the subcommand modules. If you have questions about structuring your code into modules, start with chapter seven of The Book: Managing Growing Projects with Packages, Crates, and Modules, and if that doesn't clear it up for you, ask for clarification here. :)
Then your main.rs would look something like this:
mod commands;

fn main() {
    let matches = get_args();
    match matches.subcommand_name() {
        "get" => commands::get::run(),
        "put" => commands::put::run(),
        _ => panic!("Unknown subcommand"),
Vitaly Shukela
Can I have something like this in clap: myprog --opt1=val1 --flag2 arg1 --opt1=val55 --flag3 arg2 - multiple sets of command-line options per positional argument?
Cliff Dyer
Do you mean that val1 and flag2 are specifically connected to arg1, and that val55 and flag3 are connected to arg2? Like the way sox works?
I don't actually know how you would do that in clap.
Kyle Wood
Is completion script generation (at least for zsh) working right now? Using clap 2.33.0 the scripts I'm generating aren't working at all
cargo completions are also not working which doesn't appear to be clap generated though, so maybe it's an issue on my end
but rustup completions are working just fine and have been for a while
Kyle Wood
both the _rustup and my _paperd files do look identical in structure, and they are sitting right next to each other
I really have no idea
Kyle Wood
okay now it's working I guess? No idea
Philip Ridout
Hello! So I want to take an input file and out put file arg. But I want them as Path/Bug
  • Hello! So I want to take an input file and out put file arg. But I want them as Path/Buf what's the best way to achieve this?
Stéphane Campinas
I am trying to reproduce a parser with awk's usage
Usage: awk [POSIX or GNU style options] -f progfile [--] file ...
Usage: awk [POSIX or GNU style options] [--] 'program' file ...
for now, i cannot manage to express that if a program is not passed in argument then -f is required
do you know if that is somehow possible ?
Cliff Dyer
@phill-ridout_gitlab If you want to use raw clap, you can use matches.get("path").map(PathBuf::from). If you want more strongly typed data in general, look at the structopt crate, you can just add a path: PathBuf (or path: Option<PathBuf> field to your struct, and get what you want.
@scampi Check the documentation for ArgGroup. It looks like that may do what you want.
Hongde Liu
Hi , currently I am using clap , I want to log all of the commands user input , I am not sure how to do it , so can anybody help me:) Thanks.
I tried to use matches , info!("{:?}", &matches); but the output a little poor readability
Cliff Dyer
If you just want the original command line invocation, you don't need clap. std::env::args() should get you the results you need.
Gabriele Bianchet-David
Hi! Does anyone know how to specify that an argument takes 0 or more values? This scenario isn't mentioned in the docs
Hongde Liu
Hi @jcdyer , I want to use clap to parse commands , and also I want to log user input , hmm... I can use std::env::args() , but the format is not very well , so if clap can format all of the command will be well:)
Benn Sundsrud
Is there a way to get a positional arg to show up after a named arg? I've got a subcommand where i've got the usage showing up as cmd subcommand <FILE> -n <SOME_VAL>
also the gitter link on https://github.com/clap-rs/clap points to non-existent gitter clap-rs/clap
in the readme
Za Wilcox
Hey folks, I was wondering what the state-of -the-art on specifying Args as enum variants? How about using StructOpt? I've looked at the blog posts, I was wondering if there were popular examples somewhere?
Justin Starry
Hello, thought I'd throw another question out into the wild :wink: Is there a way to specify sensitive input such as passwords via stdin somehow?
Justin Starry
Realized that hidden input is out of scope for a cli argument parser :) nvm!
David McNeil
I recently put together a proof-of-concept macro for easily integrating clap with a config file. I would love any feedback on the approach. It heavily relies on features in clap v3. Is there a tracking issue for the v3 release? I would love to contriute.
David McNeil
I found the v3 tracking issue clap-rs/clap#1037. However, the last update is from a while a go. Is the transition to v3 something well suited for community contribution to tackle? It would be great to get a list of outstanding issues. Thanks for the great library! I would love to help get it over the v3 milestone.
I want to use the clap with it's struct opt features

tried adding:

clap = "~3.0.0-beta.1"

to my Cargo.toml
but sadly:

$ cargo build --release
warning: unused manifest key: target.armv7-unknown-linux-gnueabihf.linker
    Updating crates.io index
error: failed to select a version for the requirement `clap = "~3.0.0"`
  candidate versions found which didn't match: 2.33.0, 2.32.0, 2.31.2, ...
  location searched: crates.io index

this is what I get.
what am I doing wrong?

Denis Lisov
IIUC, no 3.0 preview versions have been published yet.

so... is it ok that it's in the readme...?
I've found this issue: clap-rs/clap#1589
and in it clap is used like this:

clap = { git = "https://github.com/clap-rs/clap", features = ["wrap_help"] }

which works...
but how is the readme version supposed to work if no version 3.0 is published?
I'm a rust noob so maybe there's a cargo configuration or something else I'm missing, or maybe it's not supposed to work now? and only on some future version...?

Denis Lisov
The readme seems to be already (partially) updated for the future beta release, but the release has not happened yet.
OK, I understand, thanks for the patience, I'll just use it from the git for now
Ahmed Abd El Mawgood
Hello world!
is there a way in clap where I can say
that this argument cannot be used with any other arguments ?
even required ones ?
something like create --help for example (not for help but something different)
Scott Mattan

I got this error:

procyclinsur@P428Scott rediskv]$ cargo run -- -k hello
   Compiling rediskv v0.1.0 (/home/procyclinsur/rust/rediskv)
error[E0599]: no method named `value_of` found for type `std::result::Result<clap::ArgMatches<'_>, clap::Error>` in the current scope
  --> src/main.rs:26:23
26 |     let key = matches.value_of("key").unwrap();
   |                       ^^^^^^^^ method not found in `std::result::Result<clap::ArgMatches<'_>, clap::Error>`

error[E0599]: no method named `value_of` found for type `std::result::Result<clap::ArgMatches<'_>, clap::Error>` in the current scope
  --> src/main.rs:27:25
27 |     let value = matches.value_of("value").unwrap_or("");
   |                         ^^^^^^^^ method not found in `std::result::Result<clap::ArgMatches<'_>, clap::Error>`

error: aborting due to 2 previous errors

For more information about this error, try `rustc --explain E0599`.
error: could not compile `rediskv`.

For this code:

extern crate clap;
use clap::{App, Arg, ErrorKind};

fn main() {
    let matches = App::new("rediskv")
        .author("Scott Mattan <xxxxx@gmail.com>")
        .about("Reads and writes values from redis")
             .help("Redis Key Name")
             .help("Redis Key Value")

    assert_eq!(matches.unwrap_err().kind, ErrorKind::MissingRequiredArgument);
    let key = matches.value_of("key").unwrap();
    let value = matches.value_of("value").unwrap_or("");
    println!("Key: {}", key);
    println!("Value: {}", value);

When ArgMatches contains the method in question.

Not sure what I am doing wrong, has anyone seen this?

Denis Lisov
The return value of get_matches_from_safe is a Result, which is an enum containing either an ArgMatches struct or an error. You cannot use value_of unless the arguments parse successfully (and you check for that or at least unwrap).