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Sep 2015
Steve Weber
Sep 19 2015 15:40
@/all now that we have the ability to add participants to mission, I'm debating how to notify those users that they've been added
one approach is to start building out the activity page, which we'll need eventually, that shows the missions the logged in user is apart of
but that's pretty passive
the other idea i had is to send an email out, which will require configuring an email service, which would be necessary for us to manually manage user auth
e.g. keep-delivering/com#21
any recommendations?
Geoff Massanek
Sep 19 2015 16:56
Send grid!!
That's up next for mw
for me on celebrasy
Steve Weber
Sep 19 2015 19:57
@gmassanek i've used sendgrid once and it worked fine, but I was thinking about about using postmark -- have you had any experience with sendgrid?
Steve Weber
Sep 19 2015 23:13
Steve Weber
Sep 19 2015 23:26
Ashish Rudra
Sep 19 2015 23:45
I liked the prev theme better. too much blue.
Steve Weber
Sep 19 2015 23:58
there is a lot of blue there, is it just too bright? it was all blue before -- just used a vignette to make it really dark around the edges