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Jun 2016
Jun 25 2016 00:28
still nothing under "latest activity"...what can I check?
C├ędric Verstraeten
Jun 25 2016 10:59
Did you create a smybol link ?
because by default the web interface will listen to
you should rm capture
and made a symbol link capture -> /media/DropboxMaster2/cammer/drive/
Jun 25 2016 13:27
the link was already clue what changed but overnight it started working....
biggest problem I have now is that it seems to be running slower on a pi3 than it did on my pi2 that was performing other tasks. still the best OS cam software I've played with to date... :)
that said gotta make it work with multiple cams. Hints in the docs about it. Anywhere I can find details? I need to add 2 more cams