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Oct 2016
C├ędric Verstraeten
Oct 05 2016 06:03
Hi securitybyte ;) Nice to hear that it worked for you. Well we rearchitectured some parts, and more functionality is in the machinery now. Are you using the Raspicamera? By default a larger resolution is set.. so more pixels to process (
well the docker images are for x86 not for ARM, we would need a separate docker build for ARM if we want to make this work.
For the time being I didn't found an automated process that would make it possible..
When we now push something to our github repository travis-ci, will check if the code isn't broken, and build a docker (x86) image
ideally we would have this docker ARM build also in the travis-ci process
Oct 05 2016 09:22

Hi Cedric, thanks

Sorry I should have said, I am using the stream.mjpg of a D-Link DCS-932LB IP camera @ 640x480. I have not enabled logging, and I have disabled the
Mjpg stream on the dashboard just to rule that out, and the CPU is still high - 40-50%.

Thank you for the clarification on the Docker images :)