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Mar 2017
Cédric Verstraeten
Mar 28 2017 08:12
@marksev1 detach?
Mar 28 2017 08:12
It was among the commits
Cédric Verstraeten
Mar 28 2017 08:13
oh yeah the memory leak
I was experiencing some random behaviour with the video recording
after x amount of time the video recording was getting locked + with each recording start some memory was leaked.
after some days I've found out that pthreads were markes as joinable
this means that you need to join the thread explicility
if you don't do it, the thread will stay in memory for ever
  • only a few concurrent threads can be open (I think 255)
if you will try to open more threads C++ will throw an error
this was the reason why the video recording stopped after a while
by marking the thread as deattached it will clean memory automatically
Cédric Verstraeten
Mar 28 2017 08:23
@quacksilber_twitter just had someone with exactly the same issue, thanks for sharing!