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Baltic Tiger
Hello all, is there a way to unify both label and value in a SELECT or RADIO GROUP
Or hidding the value input and making it inherit the label as value?
Gábor Filó
Hi! Is there any solution to add bootstrap style col-s and put fields inside it? Thanks for helping!
Hi there, is anyone able to give me more information about customising the layout of a field element? I would simply like to set the a radio group's label to be inline as well as the radio boxes when inline is checked. The documentation on the website under layout is very short and doesn't contain an example.
Hi! Can anyone help me figure out how to incorporate this form builder in my express js project
Hi, Is there a form where we can have multiple fields in a row
right now i think formbuilder supports only one field per row ?
Hi I want to create custom element type using from formRender. Can i create it? If yes then could you please suggest an example.
How can i change the conrtol title
For example File Upload to Photo
Any one can advise please
Lukas Gollner
Hi, I have a question.
I have a new Plugin created and want it to be a child of type number so I can type the min/max values, anybody got a clue there?
Hello all! As others have asked, I wanting to incorporate this library into a bootstrap grid environment as my form needs to be able to have 2 or more columns. I see the minified version of the form-builder.js, but I am hoping there is one that is not minified? The version on Git appears to need to be compiled (for lack of a better word) and is hard to navigate. Ideally I could modify the FB JS to use grid classes instead of UL->LI...thoughts?
@realin hi
is any body there
Bruno Pastorelli
Hi everyone
I need to alter a widget on userAttrs (lets say, I want to remove the 'value' column on group checkboxes) and I can't find a reference on the API.
Plugin is great! Thanks for it!!
I was thinking on slugifying the 'label' as soon as it's attached to the builder, could work as well
Bruno Pastorelli

@diviramu83_gitlab I'm currently working on something with that, having a 'display' attribute on typeUserAttrs and then apply the correct classes on formLayoutTemplates depending on the 'display' option provided on the builder:

'text': { display: { label: 'Style', options: { 'block': 'Block', 'inline': 'Inline' } } },

default: function(field, label, help, data) { if (data.display && data.display == 'inline') { return $('<div/>').addClass('inline').append(label, field, help); } else { field = $('<div/>') .addClass('col-xs-6 col-lg-6') .append(field); return $('<div/>').addClass('form-group').append(label, field, help); } },

Hello!! Can someone help me? How to save generated form schema into the database in Angular?
Dipen Soni

Can someone help me?

In my iPad (Version 9.3.5),
No any control display for drag and drop, as well as left area has also not displayed
in short,
whole div "build-form" has not display in iPad

I have opened home page (https://formbuilder.online/) in my chrome and safari browser of iPad

@matthew.goulart_gitlab Done what you said, but still not working.
how to add a guid for every control? for example:
b484c6e0-c6c9-4b9b-b979-7e1034f1a3b5 => TextBox 1
a0eb77b1-4f5a-43f7-bbd7-48dd538ebb0f => TextBox 2
How to use this fomBuilder without using node js ?
Hello Guys
Can someone help me to know that Can this tool integrate in MEAN architecture with Angular8 ?
Appreciate any comment/help on this matter
We want to use this in our project
Or any link is available where i can see the docs for angular8

I'm looking to integrate formbuilder in my application. My application is built in Angular8. I would like to know if plugin supports Angular8 and if so are there any dependenciesz

Did you get any reply or conclusion on your query?

I, I don't find it in documentation : How to render html without show it ? Finally, I just want the html string to integrate it into another feature in my website.
but without render it for now
i don't know if i'm so clear....
I am using the jquery form builder in my laravel application
trying to create custom element as example given https://formbuilder.readthedocs.io/en/latest/formBuilder/options/templates/
but it gives the below issue
Uncaught Error: Invalid control type. (Type: starRating, Subtype: undefined). Please ensure you have registered it, and imported it correctly.
I am using this package for laravel
please help
i am using the jquery form builder in my php project how to add hide/show condition or any other condition for input controls
Please assist
I'm using angular 8 and I'm not finding documentation on editing the default options in formBuilder.
Hi there,
Is this work on my Normal shared hosting ? or I have buy dedicated hosting ?