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Hello, I am trying to use typeUserAttrs to add a new attribute to a field. I wish it to be a number field with a min and max value. I have it working, but not the min or max part (would ideally like to be able to specify step too)
I found this code method to save user data input int the form... https://formbuilder.online/docs/formRender/actions/userData/? What is Formeo's solution for this?
Martin Antonov
Hello everyone, I was wondering if there was a way to have fields next to each other in the stage instead of only under each other. Thank you in advance.
@MartinAntonovGM_gitlab @jaydev-solanki
unfortunately I was not able to find the way to do that
we have bunch of tasks on pipeline and production release deadline awaiting
Hi im having a problem regarding the checkbox-group. We are using a function to create a form including the checkbox-group. This works fine. In another function, where we actually use the form and edit between a number of options, it is always setting the default as "checked" even after saving the non-default-option. If we reload the site the default is checked again. We tested exactly the same with radio buttons, but they work as intended and are not resetted to default. Is this problem known? Is there something could look after? If someone coulde help me im happy.
Mutungi Ian
Hello how can i add bootstrap columns to each field to better organise my input fields?thanks
Hi All, I want create form in JHipster but I don't know how to start. Can anyone recommend me a website or link how to create a form in JHipster? Thanks you very much!
Muhammad Ahmad Saeed Chaudhry
i am using formBuilder in react
is it possible that i get the html of the form
this is my code

class FormBuilder1 extends Component {
fb = createRef();

componentDidMount() {
        onSave: (event, form_schema) => console.log(event.target.outerHTML)

render() {
    return (
            <Header />
            <Card className='bg-light'>
                    <div id="fb-editor" ref={el => {
                        return (this.fb = el)
                    } />
        </div >


Dario Barilà
Hello, it's possible to set name field as label? Maybe a callback so we can set name with a slug version. Thank you.
Shailendra Singh
Hi, can we submit multi-row answers with jquery formbuilder?
hi i need to customize the jquery formbuilder to generate the form json and html from the edit mode , instead of going to render mode. also i want to update the UI and move the render button at the button of the form
حسن سعدو
Hello, how can I add multiple translations like the demo in your home page? I've already downloaded the translation file from the github repo, any live examples?
Hello, I am facing issue in formbuilder not supporting special charaters and trial spces in multiple select list. Please kindly provide your valuable solutions.
I am facing issue with form builder . I have successfully rendered saved value but can not set data on form builder
I am using ajax
                 fbEditor = document.getElementById("build-wrap");
                 formBuilder = $(fbEditor).formBuilder();
                var formData = '[{"type":"text","label":"Full Name","subtype":"text","className":"form-control","name":"text-1476748004559"},{"type":"select","label":"Occupation","className":"form-control","name":"select-1476748006618","values":[{"label":"Street Sweeper","value":"option-1","selected":true},{"label":"Moth Man","value":"option-2"},{"label":"Chemist","value":"option-3"}]},{"type":"textarea","label":"Short Bio","rows":"5","className":"form-control","name":"textarea-1476748007461"}]';
Allen Liu
console error ?
Hello, I would like to have the possibility to insert a link to an external page for each field. Is it possible? Can an extra attribute be added to the fields besides class, placeholder, help text, etc.?

Hello, I wanted to use 2 form builder in one page and when i initialize 2 formbuilders then On save funtions doesnot work but if i used one formbuilder function it works ? i dont know where is problem please help me out this. i can share code. var fbTemplate = document.getElementById('fb-template');
var options = {
disabledActionButtons: ['data'],
stickyControls: {
enable: true
defaultFields: [
"type": "text",
"required": true,
"label": "MultiControl Geräte-Seriennummer",
"className": "form-control",
"name": "Gerte-Seriennummer",
"access": false,
"subtype": "text"

            onSave: function (evt, formData) {
                console.log("formbuilder saved");
                $(".render-wrap").formRender({ formData });
        var formBuilder = $('.build-wrap').formBuilder(options);

// Second form var tooloptions = {
//disabledActionButtons: ['save'],

        stickyControls: {
            enable: true
        defaultFields: [{ "type": "text", "required": true, "label": "MultiControl Geräte-Seriennummer", "className": "form-control", "name": "Tool-Gerte-Seriennummer", "access": false, "subtype": "text" }],

        onSave: function (evt, toolsformData) {
            $(".tool-render-wrap").formRender({ toolsformData });
    var toolformBuilder = $('.tool-build-wrap').formBuilder(tooloptions);



i think , i can help i m not from the team of contributors, but i think i have resolved the issue. U can messge me to connect on ashok.code@gmail.com

Vinish @Miracle
Hi, Do anyone know why is the Access functionality stopped working?
Hello i have two forms on same page but OnSave event just working for one form . how can i separate Onsave event for each form anyone have idea about this ? please help me ?
Ignore my previous question, I manage to come right.
Is there a way to define fields that are conditional on a value being set in a previous field? For example, if there is a radio button to set either Student/Parent, can the control to select a grade level only show if "Student" has been selected. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
waqar bjs
Can someone help me?
waqar bjs
Is there a way to define fields that are conditional on a value being set in a previous field?
For example, if there is a radio button to set either Student/Parent, can the control to select a grade level only show if "Student" has been selected. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
Hello, can anyone help me?
They know if you can connect the inputs of type select or check to a database server, that is, when I add a select to the form, I do not manually add the options but grab them from the database
I have been looking into adding conditional inclusion of fields by extending the base controls. It takes a bit of sorting out because so much of the control specific code has been handled globally in the form-builder.js class instead of being encapsulated. The function you want to look at is advFields in form-builder.js.
A direct answer to the question of supporting conditional fields is that the current code does not support this functionality. This will require custom code for now.
Hagai Wild
Hello, Is there a way to use a language file from a cdn rather than a assets folder?
Related to the Q above, how can I set the language file to a static, fixed folder location? I am using Formbuilder in a Laravel integration and depending on if I am using the editor from the backend or rendering it from the frontend, it's location keeps changing and jumping around.
Hi, bit of a n00b question here, but I just need to design a simple form using form builder. I can design the form, export it and stick it into my website, but it looses the pretty formatting that I see when I'm building the form on formbuilder UI (rounded corners button colors/style, etc) . Is there a way to copy that information when I copy the code?
Trying to write a plugin here, its a time picker - textbox basically. I can get the change event, Anyone know how to set the value field in the underlying Json ? THanks..
when I run the example locally, each time I add (drag-and-drop) a component it get removed from the list of components.
is it from the configuration?
When I try to fetch the form from database it says no form data in console .. any suggestion??
how i can store the html code in Variable ?
Sarma Kannepalli
Hi community! Is there any column concept in formBuilder like formio has (layout, html , custom elements) ?
Sarma Kannepalli
hi @pks141993 were you able to find a solution for muti column layout ?
Rayhanul Islam Shuvo
hello, when I click the save button in this website "https://formbuilder.online/"..... a new view coming where it gave me option for copy html.. But, in my case it is not working. is there any place where the code is done