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Bruno dos Santos Rodrigues
Hi everyone, I am having trouble to export the ansered form to PDF, can anyone help me?
Hello every one, I have to add some more components where we create form through drag and drop, these two more components i have to add like signature and page break how can be possible? can any one help me?
hi guys, can I ask you about control in rows
i want 2-3 control in a row, can you help me?
Paul Barby
Hi everyone, ive been using formBuilder for about a month with alot of success. I have a question how do you render a form with default data in the fields?
How can i set hierarchy json and load html according to it?
@PaulJBarby_twitter I have implemented the same feature where I am saving the exact JSON string from "Save" button using : https://formbuilder.online/docs/formBuilder/options/onSave/
@PaulJBarby_twitter While loading the form builder with default values I used : https://formbuilder.online/docs/formBuilder/actions/setData/
and for form renderer I used : https://formbuilder.online/docs/formRender/actions/userData/
@brunosr1985 I save and work on the filled up data and I think you can do the same where save all the meaningful data in your database by iterating on JSON string and then use that saved data to form a PDF using a third party lib or something.
Hi team, I want to use this opensource code in my production site. Please help me with the process steps
Hi, how do disable user from editing the data and allow only admin to able to do so.
Hello, can anyone help me to get data as HTML like JSON or XML
Hey! I use form builder in asp.net mvc and now i want to save drag drop forms into the database using ajax.. i am beginner kindly help me out
@fakhirashfaq see this kevinchappell/formBuilder#367
@niletechinnovations try this to get data in JSON formBuilder.actions.getData('json'); and this for XML formBuilder.actions.getData('xml');, thank you

hi guys, can I ask you about control in rows

I am also looking for a way to render form controls in two columns.

enable to fetch values when I drag and drop multiple checkbox group
I am able to get only value of first check box
same thing happens with radiobutton
@miteshrane111 Yes, that is a known bug and I think an open bug too. I was also facing the same issue
we have decided not to use group enabled controls
how to enable the group controls?
sorry how to disable group control?
Can you add 3 options field in formbuilder online? (So three seperert options) I know you get one but can i add 2 more options?
Mudee Zab
i need to know about the form builder
Is this free to use
changjun zhou
Hello, have you guys ever used onAddField? Is it working on your side
How do you update the formbuilder on laravel?
changjun zhou
sry no idea
@jaydev-solanki , I got around this by looking at the output code from form-builder, and then embedded it into a html table structure, I guess you could do the same with a css, although I struggled getting the same behaviour and look across different browsers. I then used Tomcat and Java servelets to serve the pages and collect the returning data and process it.
@okigrp , you can do this by setting controls properties to disabled, this can be done by using jQuery and javascript.
how does onAddOption: work
so i need to use this form builder to have a field that users can edit text, in a rich way. I have played with the quill and Trumbowyg controls, but they render the textarea in the formRenderer, where i only want it to render the textarea in the formBuilder. The form renderer should only show the formatted text (i.e custom instructions at the top of the form).

Hi all,

Does anyone know what the best approach would be for creating a field with a link?

For example, if I add a paragraph field and the value of that field is "http://www.google.ca", it shows up as a simple string and not a link.

Likewise, if I add a text field and the label or value field is "http://www.google.ca" it's also not a link.

Is there any way I can configure a field or create a custom one that allows me to display a link?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Hello friends I want to use form builder in asp.net MVC is that possible?
HI do we have nested question and signature control?
José Miguel Malaca
Hi all, does anyone knows how to style an input? Imagine the text input fields that I want to make them bigger?
Hi all, it seem the link: https://formbuilder.online/docs/formBuilder/overview/controls in document : https://formbuilder.online/docs/ is missing, I am find a guide to create a custom FormElement. does anyone have idea, thanks so much
Jonathon Ringeisen
Hey everyone! I just opened up an issue in the Github page. I'm currently using formBuilder to allow my users to build their own forms but I'm running into an issue when adding the formBuilder to a modal, it's creating multiple instances and stacking them formBuilder on top of each other. How can I go about destroying an instance of formBuilder?
Hi All, I only need text and textarea controls, i want to hide all other controls, how to do that? Please help me, i cannot find it in doc
Ross Nesbitt
Hi All,
I am looking at this tool. it looks great.
I am wandering how I might introduce conditional branching in to these forms, Asking certain questions based on certain answers....
would it be a matter of recreating all the controls with this logic in?
Hi All,
I want to Integrate formBuilder into my Angular9 application. can anyone help me.
Thanks in advance.

Hi All,
I want to Integrate formBuilder into my Angular9 application. can anyone help me.
Thanks in advance.


Can someone help me?