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And without subtype
Hi All
I'm creating a web application using ASP.NET MVC CORE C#, in which I want to use form-buider.min.js
But I'm getting some console errors
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()
It was working fine when I created a html template with it to demonstrate the project
there is a type error to -
Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: q.sortable is not a function
Can someone help me????
@jamiejones85_twitter @kevinchappell Need help from you
How to design the database for these forms in mysql. FYI user will create the form as a template and multiple users will use this template as a form. After rendering the form how to submit and save it to database , what are the tables and fields for the rendered form. Because each form have different fields I am unable to understand how to do it. Please help to resolve this issue I will be highly thankful to you....
@akash10161016 you can just save the form JSON data to a database field. This will allow you to save and load the form as needed. If you want to do anything specific with the form data you will need to implement that yourself
hello , can somone help me?
@jayden626 i wll save the json, but how to create database fields because every form template having different fields . user can use that form as a template and then will render it.
1 reply
I want to change language of jquery form builder, So I use
var fb = $(document.getElementById('fb-editor')).formBuilder();
var lang = 'fa-IR';
but it does not work because of error => fb.actions.setLang is not a function
How can I solve this problem?
Jamie Jones
          'templatefile': {'label': 'Template File', 'value' : '', 'type': 'file'}
I'm working on a custom upload control, where there's a config option to upload a template file for the form filler to download and complete. What's the best method for attaching an onchange event handler to this file input (templatefile)?
Screenshot 2021-09-29 at 3.55.46 pm.png
I need to add a new attribute field to textarea control. Say “FieldWidth attributes” where admin can set the width of the textarea when designing the form. I’m using jquery formBuilder. I’m very new to this tool. Any help will be very much appreciated
Emily Sanchez
Hi, How do I add a "Submit" button after form is ready to be submitted by the user. I dont see a way to add it??
Also, how do I add a Signature field?
Emily Sanchez
I am not a developer, if anyone here is interested to get hired to fix my form with this plugin then let me know, Also, the back-end is designed using Laravel and I need a few issues fixed there as well.
I render 3 forms in 1 view, when I get user data only get the user data of laster rendered form
can any body help me ?
Deekshith M R
how to move the toolbox which is on the right side to the left?
controlPosition: 'left',
Hello, I've been trying to add a new control called Recaptcha, I don't seem to understand how the ES6 or ES5 works. Can any please help me out???
@emilysanchez4u_twitter I'm a Laravel developer, contact me on https://www.freelancer.com/u/livenow267
Deekshith M R

how to give a name to the whole form? i need a output like
"form-name" : {
"number": 111,
"text": "hello",

but when i console, my output will be just:
"number": 111,
"text": "hello",

ichiro uozu

Do you know how can I get an event on some operations on formRender?

For example, A user edit a text field, I want to get that event by JS.
Can I react that event on formRedner?

Hi, is the onRemoveField function available when the field like onAddField and onCloseFieldEdit is removed from the form?
I want to run an ajax function when the field is removed.
I'm looking for something that can at least callback the id field when the X button is clicked i.e. the field is removed.
@abhilashlegend I need a function like onRemoveEdit.did you solve it?
Piyumika Madhubhashini
Hi,is there any way to disable option-value attribute in radio-group.I only need option-lable
Piyumika Madhubhashini
or change the default text in option-value fields
@omerosmanoglu @ichiro_u_gitlab @Piyu0423 i have implemented it, can email me i can help ashok.code@gmail.com, subject 'FORM_BUILDER'
ichiro uozu
@AshokGupta143 Hello I sent an email for your address. Its subject is "FORM_BUILDER" Please check.
just letting you know that when you try the AngularJS - this appears: ×
Could not find module in path: '../jquery-ui-sortable/jquery-ui.min.js' relative to '/package.json'
▶ 8 stack frames were collapsed.
This screen is visible only in development. It will not appear if the app crashes in production.
Open your browser’s developer console to further inspect this error.
This error overlay is powered by react-error-overlay used in create-react-app.
also : on options/i18n and then demos->translation

I get this: 404
File not found

The site configured at this address does not contain the requested file.

If this is your site, make sure that the filename case matches the URL.
For root URLs (like http://example.com/) you must provide an index.html file.

Read the full documentation for more information about using GitHub Pages.

GitHub Status — @githubstatus

hello, I couldn't find how the json data generated when the photo is uploaded is set to the value. Can you help?
Marin Nikolli
Hey there, i have started to use this coold plugin. I have just one question though. What you would be the best way to paginate one field at the time. Im using laravel
Hey Guys I have done a multi column implementation of the form builder v 3.7.3. I will be more than happy to share the code if anyone wants it. Have a look at the above video to see how it works
@oneplugin That's really impressive. does multi column approach affect the existing logic of save and edit form functions ? I would really like to give it a try to use in my application
@jaydev-solanki Unfortunately it does affect save and load logic as the inherent data structure has to change to accomodate entry of columns. Output will have an additional entry called rows which holds all the fields in that row. I'm still working on saving the forms and hopefully I will be able to nail it this week. Will share the code once it's completed. I still think there will be very less changes if not any in the way it's being used. Will keep you guys posted
Nitiz 🇮🇳
Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'textarea-1636635274273-preview')