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Ayomide Yusufc
$markup.formrender in html action return ".formrender is not a function".
3 replies
Dominic Rubhabha-Wardslaus
hello , i have saved tabbed/multi paged form in a database as json , how do i load it back for edit
1 reply
@Xquizit_gitlab var container = document.getElementById('fb-render');
Hi, two questions. first - it's possible to put an icon/image in the filed icon? second - it's possible to add to an field a custom checkbox options in the edit field?
How can i set dynamic width of the form? or add title above the right list?
if i do $(fbEditor).formBuilder(options) and after by some action i want to change the form i tried again to set $(fbEditor).formBuilder(options) and it's duplicate the form and not replaced it.. please help me
1 reply
I render 3 forms in 1 view, when I get user data only get the user data of laster rendered form
can any body help me ?
1 reply
ichiro uozu
Hello. I faced the same issue before and I wasn't able to find the resolution. So I placed 3 "iframes" in 1 view. These frames contain 1 form render.
1 reply

Hello, i got a really bad problem.
I created a multi tabbed builder, i added 2 custom fields based on text type.
When i create a new tab and go back to the prévious one i can't add my custom fields anymore, i got this message : " Please ensure you have registered it, and imported it correctly." .

So my question is : how to register them globally but without creating plugin, just in my js file associated with my HTML ?

Hi I am not able to change the date formate to mm/dd/yyyy can anyone help me out.
Thanks in advance
Mateusz Rolka

hi i was added cutrom attributes visibleIF, how can i render forms from json

const options = {
formData: '[{"type":"smartRadioGroup","label":"SmartTest5","name":"smartRadioGroup-1638175329310","registries":"134"}]'
var wrap = $("#slownik2_wrapper");

    const formRender = wrap.formRender(options);

ERROR: Uncaught Error: Invalid control type. (Type: smartRadioGroup, Subtype: undefined). Please ensure you have registered it, and imported it correctly.

when will the multi colume version's render be ready ?
hi here I implement form builder with back end API and I want to delete it's from field section. I can not able to find the removed event. anyone can help me? that there any remove action event in the form builder.
There seems to be an issue with using userData to populate a form when you're using TinyMCE. The problem seems to be that TinyMCE will always use the original value data, rather than the userData data. So if you're using userData to allow people to save their progress, it won't work if you're using TinyMCE fields. Any idea how to correct?
Nishit Shanbhag
Can someone help me? I am trying to use formBuilder but I have a custom field(StarRating) also I want to perform tasks onSave, How do use my parameters in formBuilder function?...I have options containing onSave definition, template and field containing the starRating definitions. When i try to put them in order one of them work based on the ordering.
Ahmed Talal
I JUST want to find out could I MAKE a conditional logic like is equal not equal to the formbuilder


I'm creating SAAS and I would like to use this plugin in it.
However, I'm wondering if it's possible to customize how the fields are displaying, for example to have "required" on first screen and not to show it when you click "edit"

Check the screenshot below so you can know what I'm talking about, I need something like this:


Hello, could anyone check my last message? Thanks
Ajay Kumar
Hello, can somebody help me out that, how can i change the element from input type='text' to select options, checkbox-group, radio-group or whatever a user want, which is already populated in the formbuilder
Muhammad Yasir Abbas
hi guys, I'm a new user of form builder , please anyone guide me about how can i add multi columns row in controls
i am not able to use form Builder in react. I am facing the error formBuilder is not a function?
jqueryWEBPACK_IMPORTED_MODULE_1(...).formBuilder is not a function
In react i am facing this issue when i am using form builder
Shripad Deshmukh
I need some working sample of tinymce with formbuilder
is anyone have codepen link or any other reference link
@oneplugin I am trying to use fiddle cdn in react app. But its not working. It says "failed to load source map: Could not parse content for https://min.gitcdn.link/cdn/oneplugin/static/main/form-builder.min.js.map: Unexpected token : in JSON at position 3" which is basically not found
@oneplugin when will your update be included in formbuilder?

Hello guys,

i am unable to see the language dropdown above the form builder
can someone please help me ?

Mitch Talmadge
Guys this chat is dead, quit asking questions here, if you haven't noticed already nobody is replying to any of them
Just trying to save you some time. https://github.com/kevinchappell/formBuilder/issues is a better place to post things, but I don't think many people are helping there either.
Hello, I started using formBuilder and like it so much. I am trying to use the function: formBuilder.actions.removeField(Id), which seems to be working well - but I cannot seem to find a way to recognize the field ids? formData has all fields names, types...etc. but not id. The only function I am able to use to get id is formBuilder.actions.getCurrentFieldId().... but what if I need to delete programmatically a specific field (not necessarily the current one) - assume I know the name of that field, is there a way to get it's id, so I would be able to remove? Thanks!
Ryein Goddard
hi everyone
how can i disable the access option for all fields
Ryein Goddard
also why would you get a t.classList is undefined error?
not getting it in local but in prod
Hi Guys I've just found Formbuilder and I am really loving for i see so far. I was wondering if someone could help me? I need to create a custom form field. it needs to be a Range slider. with a Min value and a Max Value. How can I get this to work? I have followed the Documentation and i am still rather confused.
Many thanks
Chris Almond
Hi Jack.
I also need a slider control. Ill have some time later this week and will post to share with everyone.
Hi Chris I have managed to add a range slider in by using rangerslider.js the only issue i am having now is the value of the hidden input that takes the selected range value. this is most likely down to something within my Laravel form code.
// configure the class for runtime loading
if (!window.fbControls) window.fbControls = []
window.fbControls.push(function(controlClass) {
   * data range class
  class controlDataRange extends controlClass {
     * Class configuration - return the icons & label related to this control
     * @returndefinition object
    static get definition() {
      return {
        i18n: {
          default: 'Data Range',

     * build a text DOM element, supporting other jquery text form-control's
     * @return {Object} DOM Element to be injected into the form.
    build() {
        return this.markup('input', null, {type:"range", min:1, max:10, steps:1, value:0})

  onRender() {
      var valueBubble = '<output class="rangeslider__value-bubble" />';

      function updateValueBubble(pos, value, context) {
          pos = pos || context.position;
          value = value || context.value;
          var $valueBubble = $('.rangeslider__value-bubble', context.$range);
          var tempPosition = pos + context.grabPos;
          var position = (tempPosition <= context.handleDimension) ? context.handleDimension : (tempPosition >= context.maxHandlePos) ? context.maxHandlePos : tempPosition;

          if ($valueBubble.length) {
              $valueBubble[0].style.left = Math.ceil(position) + 'px';
              $valueBubble[0].innerHTML = value;

          polyfill: false,
          onInit: function() {
              updateValueBubble(null, null, this);
          onSlide: function(pos, value) {
              updateValueBubble(pos, value, this);


  // register this control for the following types & text subtypes
  controlClass.register('DataRange', controlDataRange)
  return controlDataRange
Hello,Can someone help me
When i write down the label in "" then there is issue with form rendering. Form not render completely.
Chris Almond
Hi Jack. Sorry for late reply. Nice slider control! Thank you.
Hi Wbhawana1994. There is definitely an issue with the Label input element on the form designer. I found this issue just yesterday while building a form. I was copying and pasting text from MS word into the Label and Value fields. Seems only the Label field has this issue as it's not an HTML input type=text, but a div. Not sure why they did this. I'm going to look into seeing if we can swap out the div for a standard input type=text as I think this would fix it.
Chris Almond

So just to follow up on @bhawana1994 's issue here...when you paste the double quotes into the Label attribute field and save it. On the designer it saves fine until you try to render. The pasted double quotes munge up the formBuilder JSON and it can't render correctly.

So, for some reason, when we replace the input DIV with a standard input type=text, pasting double quotes no longer causes an issue and the double quotes are escaped correctly by formBuilder.