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hello Guys, is there any way I can customise any element? like checkbox
I want to add some more option to checkbox
1 reply
hello, can i add a new form element?
Hello, i want to add file upload for image and video and create new field too. how can i do? above image will show you. here i am adding url in value attr then it is showing image but i want to upload image not url
where can i download the file form-builder.min.js. The Github repo here does not seem to have this file https://github.com/kevinchappell/formBuilder
Kinjal Upadhyay
Can any one help me to Add Currency control in form builder in drag drop , also need to add Yes / No Questions controll in this builder.
Hello friends, Please help me, Multi-Page Forms not working when i update details,

var fbInstances = [];

var fields = [{
label: "DateTime",
type: "text",
subtype: "datetime-local",
icon: "⏰" //html emoji

for (var i = 0; i < data.length; i++){
var options = {
onSave: function (evt, formData) {
console.log("formbuilder saved");
$(".render-wrap").formRender({ formData : formData });
showActionButtons: false,
controlPosition: 'left',
fields: fields,
subtypes: {
text: ['datetime-local']
disabledAttrs: ["access"],
disableFields: ["autocomplete","button","file","hidden","starRating"],
dataType: 'json',
formData: data[i].Json,
const tabCount = document.getElementById("Edit-tabs").children.length;
const tabId = "page-" + tabCount.toString();
const $newTabTemplate = document.getElementById("Edit-add-page-tab");
const $newTab = $newTabTemplate.cloneNode(true);
const $tabLink = $newTab.querySelector("a");
$tabLink.setAttribute("href", "#" + tabId);
$tabLink.innerText = "Section " + tabCount;
$newTabTemplate.parentElement.insertBefore($newTab, $newTabTemplate);
const $newPageTemplate = document.getElementById("Edit-new-page");
const $newPage = $newPageTemplate.cloneNode(true);
$newPage.setAttribute("id", tabId);
$newPageTemplate.parentElement.insertBefore($newPage, $newPageTemplate);
Edit_fbPages.tabs("option", "active", tabCount - 1);

Please help me where is my mistake
As well as new control DateTime is not working in Multi-tab
Hello, I need to implement an empty container in the list of components. this container consists of drag&drop elements, for example a text field, date field.
it is equivalent to a table;
can any of you please help me?
how to display input controls side by side?
i want to place controls in specific place?

Hello friends, Please help me, Multi-Page Forms not working when i update details,

Problem solved, if anyone wants it code just type hello with formbuilder: skype : patelmayur1010@gmail.com

How to add table?
How to add image?
@rajaidesign you can use the file upload
4 replies

Hello, can someone help me? I am currently trying out form builder on my local machine based on Getting Started instructions in the docs. However the Save, Clear and Code Producing button on the bottom right is not working and is looking for specific assets.

Are there other codes needed for it to run?

It says that Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) '/assets/lang/en-US.lang:1'
formbuider possibl with NodeJs?
Mohamed Fahmy
Can someone help me? How can I view the fields that are stored in the database to be modified from the user's side?
why if i set header field empty it's change to undefined? it's not possible to set header without label?

We have used the RadioButton and CheckBox group in our application.
When we write the a<b in option then it will only display the a not whole text like a<b

Can anybody help me how to solve the issue?



Why form builder is not responsive, I mean on drag and drop on tablet and mobile and on this page is draggable ?
Can you help me with this

Simon Nabuko Angatia
I would like to know if it is possible to add a sub-section in the section where we drag and drop input fields, that allows input fields to be added an removed in jQuery form builder? .
I am creating custom form multiple tabs through form builder. The form is being saved in json format, I want to show the form on one edit page and do some improvements but the form is not showing in multiple tabs. please give me a good suggestion that i can show the form and improve it
Hello there!
I noticed than when adding a select field, by default there are 3 options added. This is an issue for me because when I use a form with a select field, it submits a value for the select field even if the user did not intend to set a particular value.
Is there a way to add an empty option when adding a select field?
I tried to look around onAddField but did not find how to do it.
Zaheer Abbas Aghani
Is there a way I can detect sort events? For example, show an alert when sorting is active or done?
Is anyone here?
Dharmandar Kumar
how to add custom fields in form render
Hi , how to use form render on custom fields ? Can you give example on that ?
Hello again, question on the drag'n'drop of fields.
It is working flawlessly on a computer. However on touch devices (iPhone, iPad) it does not work, instead the click is "taken" by the scroll.
I have no problems on the demo here https://formbuilder.online/
But when I grab the basic exemple available and put it in a .html file, it does not work: https://formbuilder.online/docs/getting-started/
Am I missing something?
How to create multi column
Zaheer Abbas Aghani
@tomcodes for example I am dragging field A from Position 1 to position 4 how can I get position 1 and position 4 numbers?
Is this available as free?
On the docs/getting-started page, the link to GitHub doesn't work. Not a problem as the pieces can probably be obtained elsewhere. But I'm wondering if formbuilder.online is an active and maintained website?
Zaheer Abbas Aghani
@gitmhe43 correct. I am also not getting any answer of my questions
removeField not work
Hello, I am new here , great form btw. I want to know that we can design builder custom layout ?
it's possible to limit the user to edit always only one field? if he tried to open edit another field it's will close the prev field... it's possible????