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How can i customize the query formbuilder?
i need to change all elements and their properties.
This message was deleted
1 reply
david stern
hi I can help you. Please ping me via this link "https://join.skype.com/invite/vNeE45Svtd9P"
david stern
:point_up: Edit: hi
Azer Engazzou
Hello guys
any one can help me ? I'm using FormBuilder and i need to save the form in my BD , I want to know how can i use the JSON result
Hi, is there any way I can add a default attribute (ie. options, rows, toggle) to a control plugin I create?
Azer Engazzou
How can i call a function in the onsave ?

Hi, is there any way I can add a default attribute (ie. options, rows, toggle) to a control plugin I create?

Yes it is possible

You need to initialize the widget with the formData option in the options object
const data = [{"type":"header","subtype":"h1","label":"Header","access":false},{"type":"header","subtype":"h1","label":"Header","access":false},{"type":"number","required":false,"label":"Number","className":"form-control","name":"number-1660299899127-0","access":false}]; 
$('#fb-editor').formBuilder({ formData: data})
The options can be found here:
John Garland
Hi! Is anyone available for hire to help me build some custom widgets?
When a new form is created does it create the tables in the database? If not, is this possible to implement?
John Garland
@davidom0101 I'm working on a script that converts the json output to a postgres database. Is anyone else interested in working on this as an open source project?
3 replies
A new form does not create anything in the database. But you can save the JSON and load it every time the form is initialized, and after the form is filled you simply save it as an HTML string.
There is no need for a loop, simply pass an object to the formData option in the initialization of the constructor
getData: () => {h.getFormData.bind(h) } is not binding the data as getData isnt a function but
getData: h.getFormData.bind(h) is working correctly.
I want to add more statements after h.getFormData.bind(h) , what should be done?
Hello! I have now being using this library as part of bigger app, but my problems during the last month are:
  1. How do you disable the access-field option from the form builder edit field section ?
  2. How do you disable tinymce and quill from the textarea type selection but not the whole textarea ?
  3. If you insert paragraph type and put new line in there, the json becames invalid
  4. Documentation for the image field is outdated / 404
  1. And is there any nice html - example to show the entered form values in printable view without the inputs ? You cannot just loop them because different field types needs custom pre-processing before just showing the value/values of that field
okay for 2 answer is disabledSubtypes: {
text: ['password', 'color'],
textarea: ['tinymce', 'quill']
and for 1 it's: disabledAttrs: [
others would like help
Krishnkant Patidar

Hello, Some one help me that how I can group elements? I've few questions and I need a create category (section) and inside of questions so basically I can send response with different category questions.



Hello! How can i make it work with dynamic events?

I want to use addField from socket conn event and it didn't work

For example,
conn = new WebSocket("ws://localhost:8080/ws");
conn.onmessage = function (evt) {
var field = {
type: 'text',
class: 'form-control',
label: ' added at: ' + new Date().getTime()
                formBuilder.actions.addField(field, Number(1));
Hello! I am trying to get the formData, but it is giving me empty array always.
Following is the code snippet used
let formBuilder = await $(fbEditor).formBuilder().promise;
Gomez Calvin
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hi guys, I want to add max length to number. how can I do it
Hi guys, how to track if a field is removed from stage
Cytrus Logic
I'm a bit confused with the documentation. Is there a way to add/edit/remove edit fields for a control plugin? I want to remove or hide the Placeholder
Class and value field and add some custom fields. How can I do this?
3 replies
Hi all
is there any way to prevent duplicate fields name while drag and drop in form io builder?
HI all, I need to save this form data to the database how could i do that
Hey guys, I'm trying to work out how to use dynamic naming for input labels. Is this possible?
1 reply
Hi all. Just starting out with this tool.
Could anyone guide me regarding the procedure to edit existing forms (exported as json) ?
Dhurba Rawal
Hi I want to add different validation regex for different input fields, How do I do it?
Hello, the date field... In edit mode, there is a "value" property. Set this to a valid date such as 01/01/2001. The value field is not reflected in the "presentation view" If this field is not used, what is it there for? Is this a bug or what am I doing wrong?
1 reply
Rakesh Solanki
Rakesh Solanki
when i set fields are required false, also select fiels multiple=false then gives me required and multiple option by default TRUE
not set any element false value

for ex: [{"type":"checkbox-group","required":"true","label":"Checkbox Group","toggle":"true","inline":"true","name":"Checkbox-Group","access":"true","other":"true","values":[{"selected":"true","label":"Option 1","value":"option-1"},{"selected":"false","label":"Option 2","value":"Option 2"}]},{"type":"select","required":"false","label":"Select","className":"form-control","name":"select-1664534924661-0","access":"false","multiple":"false","values":[{"label":"Option 1","value":"option-1","selected":"true"},{"label":"Option 2","value":"option-2","selected":"false"}]}]

and in form view display like this:

Sarmad Sohail
Hello there, is there a way to remove fields? for example to remove auto complete field and radio button field?
1 reply