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it wasn't just the if/else
it was the substring method itself
so I had to remove it
the everything was fine
substring() on a data.post.brief inside a forEach(function()
maybe something async stuff that does this ?
anyways, OK for now, kinda sucks if it was for a real customer
hey there - i last used keystone around 2 years ago, so i forgot a lot of things about it
i vaguely remember needing to use a command-line utility to create models, but can't find any mention of it in the documentation
am i remembering wrong, or was it removed?
or am i just silly and can't fidn it
Max Ma
@Lemmmy I think you are looking for the yeoman generator. It will ask you what kind of model you want to add on during the build time.
isn't that just for the first model though?
what about subsequent models
(i've already used the yo generator to start my project)
Max Ma
I am new to keystone tho, as far as I know, yo generator only for the first time when you initial the site.
yeah, that much was obivous
i remember back around 2016, there was some sort of cli tool to generate models + updates (then called migrations?)
it seems i'm remembering wrong though, oh well
thanks anyway
@Lemmmy Sounds like laravel.
Kraig Hufstedler
I have maybe a dumb question, but can someone explain why in a keystone route you can simply do "var locals = res.locals" and then write new properties to that locals object, and it is available in the view without having to write back to res.locals? Is locals = res.locals some sort of pass by reference? Just trying to understand how it works.
Max Ma
For all I know, Object in Javascript just works in that way. for the deeper reason of how assignment operator works? , dunno about it.
const obj = { greeting: { action: 'hello', object: 'world' } }
const { greeting } = obj
greeting.object = 'you'
console.log(obj.greeting) // {action: "hello", object: "you"}
David Finton
@kraigh Yes, if you have var locals = res.locals then modifying locals will also modify res.locals because you only copied over the reference to the object rather than the object itself. If you want to make a copy of res.locals to a variable called locals and modify that without also modifying the original, you want to use the following code:
var locals = Object.assign({}, res.locals);
Object.assign(...) takes the first object and assigns values from all objects following it to that value. In this case, we're copying the values of res.locals to the empty object {}, effectively copying all the values of res.locals into a new object
Note that this is a shallow copy only. If you have nested objects, the above method won't create new objects for those. You'll need to write a recursive function that does that. A quick google search will tell you how to do that without too much effort :)
Kraig Hufstedler
Interesting, thanks for the help guys! I come from PHP and it works backwards, by default it passes just the value, and you have to specify if its pass by reference. Thanks for the help!
Max Ma
@dfinton that's very helpful. assignment operator will mutate the original object. but it works differently in Array. very intersting.
Max Ma
Any thought on the API Auth methods? (JWT)Key based API Auth vs. Session based API Auth?
Max Ma
I read few articles about JWT based Auth, seems it has some pitfalls, such as where to store, expiry times, etc. but what's the good part of using JWT?
Mitul Patel
Hello Is there way i will store settings in Database without listing
Directly i can update it ?
Vamshi Bachaneboina
Hey! I have been struggling with the date picker in admin panel. Can I get date picker as in only Year picker? I can do it with Types.Select but it is kinda manual work right to write all the years!
year: { type: Types.Date, format: 'YYYY' }
I think the admin UI should automatically adjust, cant be sure though.
hey, I cant start keystone on pm2. pm2 could not read "COOKIE_SECRET" from .env file.
I set an environment variable in pm2 config file but I got the error again.
what shall I do ?
Chris Hurst
@navidshad I could never get it to work with PM2 either, I had to revert to use a .env file
Pavelescu Razvan
Hello, I need to integrate user chat in a project, should I use socket.io or does anyone know a better way?
Vamshi Bachaneboina
@1337cookie I tried that!
but didn't work that :/
Hey guys couldnt find anything to integrate marcojs as templating engine with keystonejs. Any idea how could i do that, or any reference. Thank you
Vamshi Bachaneboina
Can we modify fields as per the options seleceted in admin panel? For example if I have state as 3 options, and if I select first option the following field must be manipulated accordingly. Can this be done?
     title                       : {type : String, required : true},
     state                       : {type : Types.Select, options : 'Submitted, Ongoing , Completed',default : 'Submitted'},
     principalInvestigator       : {type : String},
     coInvestigator              : {type : String},
     fundingAgency               : {type : String},
     sanctionedAmount            : {type : Number,note:'lakhs'},
     from                        : {type : Types.Date},
     to                          : {type : Types.Date},
I want from to be gone if submitted is selected. How to track this state?
Vamshi Bachaneboina
A function something like this!

        this.from.label = 'on';
        this.to.hidden = 'true';
Vamshi Bachaneboina
Is this group alive?
Yes, I want to know the same thing. I want to modify the Types.Select options so that I can attach an Object as a value
Hey guys, can someone give me some advice how to put a route parameter with a html form (without using frontend JS)?
Patrick McDonough
I'm having issue with using mongolab for a database- added MONGO_UR to .env file but don't see any reference to it in the codebase . Any one else have this issue?