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Hey Guys, I'm not finding any docs, guide or resource on how to use custom view engines on Keystone. The one for handlebars seems like it's been abandoned for over 2 years so I'm trying to use an alternate hbs library
Yashaswi Maharshi
Hey guys, I am doing signin / signout of the user using APIs, does any knows what is the default session timeout and how can we change it
Shakti Singh
Hi Below Code is working fine in local server but it is not working in live server
$params = (array) json_decode(file_get_contents('php://output'), TRUE);
what can be the issued
Hi everybody. I'm new to keystone. I have a question. How can I download uploaded files from keystone admin UI? I see only file name with extension in the list item field but I couldn't download it
    `var q = keystone
            page: req.query.page || 1,
            perPage: 2,
            maxPages: 5,
        .where('state', 'published')
        .populate('author cateservice');

    if (locals.data.categories !== null && locals.data.categories._id) {
I try to paging but look, Keystone query all post without condition from model
Hi, Am new to Keystone. Can anyone help me in integrating keystone with Already Existing Express App.
Mitul Patel
Why you want to integrate it in Express App ?
Can you please explain your usage of @hari-zeptoh
@mitul69 we need a cms module for our app
Mitul Patel
Ok then why need express
App is for the mobile or web app.
Its not a app just a community page. We have buit it already in Express now we need a CMS for that
How can i use ejs insted of pug?
Just install it with npm and pass it’s name to keystone initial config as string, as I remember
Mitul Patel
When you create new app then it will ask for the template engine please select ejs .
I have selected ejs but in ketstone.js file shows pug only
@gerhr If i install ejs using npm after that i need to change all the pug files a ejs
tq @gerhr its working
Chris Steenekamp
Hey Guys does anyone know how I can view only a specific gallery created?
Christopher Schaub
what is the way to delete the admin ui cache ?
Hello guys, how can I access or send to backend the currently logged in user, or send null, if guest?
I was thinking in accessing it using something like the session, but I'm really new to the KeystoneJS API and actually was looking into the official docs, but couldn't find anything related... best shot next was going on ExpressJs doc maybe?
What I'm trying to do is that whenever a user sends a message it takes the user (hence why I'm trying to send the current user) and assigns it into a collection as the author of the message (author is a relationship inside Messages model, which should be, of course, the author of the message, or who sent it.)
got it working, it was exactly what I was thinking :D, I debugged the req.session object and it spew out a json object that contained a userId field, this is exacly what I needed :D !
Hi...how can i connect keystone with AWS S3. I need a upload function which uploads the images to my S3.
Mitul Patel
Hi @hari-zeptoh you need to use https://github.com/keystonejs/keystone-storage-adapter-s3 package for upload image on S3
tq @mitul69 its working
how can i update my currect version of the keystone am in beta version i need to switch to stable one?
my current version is 4.0.0-beta.5
Christopher Schaub
Is there any way to show a related "subfield" for Relationship field? Not just the mapped "name". Say you had invoices with relations to payments, could you show a field from "payments" related records in the main invoices list view, in the admin UI? The only way I can figure to do it is create a field that gets updated when the record saves, but this seems very inneficient.
Christopher Schaub
Not sure if the maintainers are here, but this pull request addresses a blocking bug of core functionality for Keysonte 4.x, it makes it that anybody that uses a Boolean field can't upgrade past RC1 of 4.x without bad things happening. Could this please get pulled in? I really want to get to Node 8 and the latest releases, but just can't until this gets merged. I know the focus is on 5, but this has been broken for a long while. Sorry to make my case here, but it needs attention. keystonejs/keystone#4927
Can we hide the search bar in the Admin section?
RYeah Sh
Hi guys, who ever has a blog or post on Medium stuff that are related to programming, I am working on a new publishing platform, its my side project and i worked reallllly hard on it - I would love for your feedback! if you love publishing and curating content - PLEASE PM ME :)
if my message is not following chat room rules i will delete it! thanks.
Pat Beecher
stumbled upon this github issue anyone know anything baout this? keystonejs/keystone#1985
Darío Miñones
hey, I'm new with keystone and I'm trying to deploy to aws, there is a service that is mongodb compatible called documentdb
There are lot of supported commands and some others are not. https://docs.aws.amazon.com/documentdb/latest/developerguide/mongo-apis.html
Anyone has used this with keystonejs?
Anyone knows of any guide on upgrading from v4 to v5?
Mitul Patel

Can we hide the search bar in the Admin section?

Yes we can

Hello Everyone
Has anyone faced this problem?
at require (internal/module.js:11:18)
    at Object.<anonymous> (/app/src/keystone.js:4:18)
    at Module._compile (module.js:653:30)
    at Object.Module._extensions..js (module.js:664:10)
2019-12-24T13:48:47: PM2 log: App name:some-app id:0 disconnected
2019-12-24T13:48:47: PM2 log: App [some-app:0] exited with code [0] via signal [SIGINT]
2019-12-24T13:48:47: PM2 log: App [some-app:0] starting in -cluster mode-
2019-12-24T13:48:47: PM2 log: App [some-app:0] online
SyntaxError: Error parsing /app/node_modules/keystone/package.json: Unexpected end of JSON input
    at JSON.parse (<anonymous>)
    at readPackage (module.js:126:52)
    at tryPackage (module.js:136:13)
    at Function.Module._findPath (module.js:218:20)
    at Function.Module._resolveFilename (module.js:546:25)
    at Module.Hook._require.Module.require (/usr/local/lib/node_modules/pm2/node_modules/require-in-the-middle/index.js:51:29)
    at require (internal/module.js:11:18)
    at Object.<anonymous> (/app/src/keystone.js:4:18)
    at Module._compile (module.js:653:30)
    at Object.Module._extensions..js (module.js:664:10)
2019-12-24T13:48:47: PM2 log: App name:some-app id:0 disconnected
2019-12-24T13:48:47: PM2 log: App [some-app:0] exited with code [0] via signal [SIGINT]
2019-12-24T13:48:47: PM2 log: Script /app/src/keystone.js had too many unstable restarts (16). Stopped. “errored”
2019-12-24T13:48:50: PM2 log: 0 application online, retry = 3
2019-12-24T13:48:52: PM2 log: 0 application online, retry = 2
2019-12-24T13:48:54: PM2 log: 0 application online, retry = 1
2019-12-24T13:48:56: PM2 log: 0 application online, retry = 0
2019-12-24T13:48:56: PM2 log: [Watch] Stop watching some-app
2019-12-24T13:48:56: PM2 log: Stopping app:some-app id:0
2019-12-24T13:48:56: PM2 error: app=some-app id=0 does not have a pid
2019-12-24T13:48:56: PM2 log: PM2 successfully stopped
Jack Spektor
Hi guys, is it possible to customize the admin UI except adding custom fields?
Can I make custom filters and admin pages?
I want to have custom view on the admin, 2 product lists side by side. How can I add lists to a custom view?
Hello Keystone experts :) I am trying to figure out if KeystoneJS has any particular way of dealing with publishing/approval workflows. (For example, adding an item to a list what is set to a particular status of "Draft" until it is finished and then set to "For approval") is this something that KeystoneJS treats in a particular way or would I have to create this List of statuses and have create a relationship between the statuses and the List. Thanks beforehand.
Alex Wang
Hi all, how do you integrate SSL with keystone? I'm trying to use the greenlockv4 (letsencript), but I can't figure out how.
Phuong Nguyen
hi there, does anyone know a way to warm up a Node server before any actual request is made ? thanks in advance
Mutaz Salahat
Any one knows how to run keystone 5 in pm2 cluster mode?

Hi I am using KeyStone 5. I want to debug my index.js file that loads keystone in AWS Cloud9 ide. I have tried everything:

cross-env NODE_ENV=development DISABLE_LOGGING=true keystone dev --inspect

cross-env NODE_ENV=development DISABLE_LOGGING=true keystone dev --debug--brk

and neither seem to work. I want to step into my own code to debug it

Hello, anyone with experience in AWS and PM2 with KeystoneJs