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Jatto Abdulqahhar
I need help using static assets and static files in keystone-nuxt-app. I am trying to use style-resource and scss but I am getting this error.
This relative module was not found:
* ../src/assets/scss/main.scss in ./dist/App.js
Jatto Abdulqahhar
@jattoabdul I figured it out. I just needed to run yarn add -D sass-loader node-sass sass-resources-loader
Vin S
For postgres KnexListAdapter how to I pass the tableName parameter. I am referring to the PR keystonejs/keystone#1903
I have tried the following and I get the error relation "public.user" does not exist
const users = {
    adapterConfig: {
        tableName: 'users'
    fields: {
        email: {
            type: Text

keystone.createList('user', users)
Hi everyone
Have you seen this kind of error:
Cannot read property 'find' of undefined
I'm trying the getting started tutorial related to Todo List
Raúl R Pearson
@rdlsf-omg and everyone, https://community.keystonejs.com/ has somewhat better traffic than this Gitter. You might want to check that out if you can't get the help you need in this channel.

Hi team, I tried to create the todo app using the npm init keystone-app my-app and selected postgresl… Getting the issue Connecting to database
{ Error: Cannot read property 'find' of undefined… So modified the index.js with const PROJECT_NAME = "keystonetodo";

const options={
client: 'postgres',
connection: 'postgres://postgres:psssword@localhost:5432/keystonetodo'
const keystone = new Keystone({
adapter: new Adapter(options),
}); and when i run npm run dev and still getting the issue

does anyone know how to set the signin page logo in the latest version of KeystonJs 5.. I want to replace the default logo with my own
Arpit anand
Can someone told me, how to add default value these seems to not working
Thanks in advance.
Brandon Caruana
Hi All
I'm exploring the new version of keystone (v5)

I'm trying to add custom pages to my PoC and I have the following code:

new AdminUIApp({ name: PROJECT_NAME, enableDefaultRoute: true, authStrategy, pages: require.resolve('./admin/pages.js') }),

export default { pages: () => [ { label: 'Insights', children: [ { listKey: 'article' }, { listKey: 'articleCategory', label: 'Categories' }, ], }, ] };

every time I login to the admin I just get a blank screen. Any ideas?
Luis Morales
Hi people,
I am newbie in keyston.js and i trying to create a List with a field with nested object like this
{ fields: { nested: { field1: { type: Text }, field2: Text } } }
can some one tell me how can i do it?
Temkit Sidali
hi everbody, i have a nextjs wrbsite with keystoneJS, a user list with PasswordAuthStrategy, i use the GraphQL mutation signin in my nextjs website, my question is, how to keep my session ?
leobar 37
Andrey Petrov
hi! is there any way to override a click behaviour on a default list?
Mustafa Magdy
Hello guys,
I have a problem in the admin app, when using CalendarDay field, I receive this error
Module not found: Error: Can't resolve 'react-day-picker/dist/style.css
Jennifer Eberlei
3 replies
I just read about the cookie session in production apps but i cant find a place to store it
I was looking over the documentation but couldsnt find anything
Jennifer Eberlei
hi there, i have downloaded my keystone repository to a new machine and i am getting a lot of errors, i fixed most of them but right now whenever i try to run yarn build it is stuck forever in the process of 'Exporting keystone build to dist'
when I take a peak into the dist directory I am basically in /dist/admin/secure/ and there is only an index.html and a js folder with tons of js files