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Apr 2015
Waylon Dixon
Apr 16 2015 00:39
I've uploaded the new makefile that incorporates making a signed apk file. It includes quite a bit of change. hopefully you guys can make it work on your systems. Let me know if you have any problems and hopefully I might have some answers.
you also need to make sure you have the following files that are referenced in the makefile, for example line 2.) "ANDROID_SDK = C:/Android-sdk" and on line 8.) "ADT = $(FLEX_SDK)/bin/adt.bat".
and that's it.
Waylon Dixon
Apr 16 2015 00:44
Here is the Makefile for my pc:

FLEX_SDK = C:/Flex_sdk
ANDROID_SDK = C:/Android-sdk

SIGN_CERT = sign.pfx
SIGN_PWD = abc123

ADT = $(FLEX_SDK)/bin/adt.bat
ADL = $(FLEX_SDK)/bin/adl.exe
AMXMLC = $(FLEX_SDK)/bin/amxmlc
SOURCES = src/.hx assets/.png

APP = Game
APP_XML = $(APP).xml
GAME_SWF = $(APP).swf
GAME_APK = $(APP).apk

all: $(GAME_SWF)

apk: $(GAME_APK)

rm -rf $(GAME_SWF) $(GAME_APK)

test: $(GAME_SWF)
$(ADL) -profile tv -screensize 1280x720:1280x720 $(APP_XML)

test_low: $(GAME_SWF)
$(ADL) -profile tv -screensize 640x360:640x360 $(APP_XML)

test_high: $(GAME_SWF)
$(ADL) -profile tv -screensize 1280x720:1280x720 $(APP_XML)

$(ADT) -certificate -validityPeriod 25 -cn SelfSigned 1024-RSA $(SIGN_CERT) $(SIGN_PWD)

install: $(GAME_APK)
$(ADT) -installApp -platform android -platformsdk $(ANDROID_SDK) -package $(GAME_APK)

haxe \
-cp src \
-cp vendor \
-swf-header 1280:720:60:ffffff \
-swf-version $(SWF_VERSION) \
-main GameLoader \
-swf $(GAME_SWF) \
-resource assets/levelone.tmx@levelone \
-swf-lib vendor/starling_1_6.swc \
--macro "patchTypes('vendor/starling.patch')" \

game_apk: $(GAME_SWF) $(SIGN_CERT)
$(ADT) -package -target apk-captive-runtime \
-storetype pkcs12 -keystore $(SIGN_CERT) $(GAME_APK) $(APP_XML) $(GAME_SWF) \
assets ouya_icon.png

This message was deleted
Apr 16 2015 01:37
FLEX_SDK = C:/Flex_sdk
ANDROID_SDK = C:/Android-sdk
might need to be changed if you saved your apk in different files, like I did
Waylon Dixon
Apr 16 2015 01:57
first draft of spaceship
Waylon Dixon
Apr 16 2015 04:37
added character class, healthbar class, and spaceship/hero sprite sheet
Waylon Dixon
Apr 16 2015 15:14
spaceship is now animated
Apr 16 2015 20:08
the spaceship now reacts to tilt control. the control will probably need some tweaking later
We currently have a major glitch: the app crashes if the phone sleeps,
Waylon Dixon
Apr 16 2015 23:40
i noticed that too.
Could you add some controls for the arrow keys for testing and for web-based play that act like the tilting stuff?
Kyle can you add and implement your sound files to the game?