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Paul Kilmurray
And also the Entities service
Thomas Mery
I'll have a look at all that in details
Paul Kilmurray
That’s pretty much it though … the route (controller) and the view gets filled out and pretty soon you have a reports page :)
I should also point out that the current repo has known bugs .. so don’t be too alarmed if you see something broken
Thomas Mery
I'll probably only be available afternoons this week end but same time monday would work for me if you want to go on with other areas
Paul Kilmurray
just sent you a quick email … I’ll be online this weekend so send me an email or ping me here if you want to chat
bonne nuit!
Thomas Mery
got the email, thanks - really enjoyed these sessions - talk to you soon!
Jordan Bartholomew
Avinash Sengar
I have looking for it and find this one http://woopos.com/point-of-sale Suggest me?
is anyone here?
Cesar Brie
Hi. I was hired to make a tiny change on WC-POS but I have a very short question about what version of the plugin to work on. Is this the place to ask? Who should I ask? Thanks.
Paul Kilmurray
Hi @cesarbrie , I'm going to make an effort to be more available on here in 2018. There is a major code re-write effort underway so it would be worthwhile chatting before you do any customisation
hello one expert in woocommerce? need help
Paul Kilmurray
Hi @eduard182 .. what is your problem?
how add column in table order in the backend? i need add more,help me
Paul Kilmurray
@kilbot hello
I need to add other customer data to my order table in my woocommerce
wow my first white screen lol fun times
Hi guys we have over 35000 items and when we search for a product in the admin page the search result takes long to show a result any way of speeding this up ?
Hi im looking for someone who was experience with php + woocommerce + yith, im trying to solve a problem i feel im close to solving but i need some expertise! is this the right place?
Pedro Diaz
hi guys
hi guys i have a predicament i have some woocommerce products i need to hide which i did with some functions in functions.php … so after idk 3 months i found out in need to get them out of search engines so i went to the robots.txt and disallowed all i could find concerning the products i want to not index or list … but i guess it takes time , is there any way to speed up that process ?

this is a urgent mail, i already bought your plugin so i can not wait until your next update, please provide me a solutions for my screenshots!

(see attachments )

need to fix red error , need remove support ,wp admin menus and i can not see anything when i go to /pos/ url all are blank.

always i saw the red popup, we need urgent solutions for this. i can provide logins.




thank you

Mehdi Sabbagh
Hi Guys
There is a div in woocommerce my-account page with the class of "woocommerce"! I want to change the class or put another div in it! Can it be done without javascript???
will this module have reporting features ? especially product wise?
im new using wocommerce
i cant get my sells from 2018 only 2019
any help
Adnan Ebrahimi
Hello. While we cloning the repo there is a issue with Client folder that said 404 error.
Heeey, is there anybody who can help me? Is it possible to use woocommerce API for integrating some of gateways directly in my page? thanks
Davud Colakovic
hi, can someone give me tips and pointers on this topic:
Is there a way to pull data from ERP Software (products) and post them in Wordpress/Woocommerce products page with API?
Darcy W. Christ
Hi. I am trying to understand how orders (in Pro) are retrieved. My line_items are missing their metadata.
Any insight into how the API call is being made would be appreciated. A normal order API shows my line_item metadata.