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Benjamin Clos
@kilianc I had hacked together a plugin system, primarily for persistence even though it would take more work to get the GUI to work, with backfilling persisted data. Originally it was just for my own personal use, and I figured that after it running for a week or so I'd clean it up and share it back, however I cannot seem to get the tests to execute spawnServer/spawnClient on windows, so i cannot write any tests. I have however cleaned it up and heavily commented my code at http://github.com/ondreian/rtail
Kilian Ciuffolo
@ondreian I'll take a look, in your case what are you using it for? re: test suite -- kilianc/rtail#78
Benjamin Clos
@kilianc I was using it to inspect sensor data streams
I really just wanted a way to push the data streams into a DB to run aggregation on down the road, I didn't care too much about the interface being integrated with persistence.
Kilian Ciuffolo
then you could have done tail -F so/me/thing.log | yourdb | rtail ?
Bhargav Patel
When using Python loggers, what changes do I have to make to get the colors as shown in the pictures? Right now my logs look bland, yuck! http://prntscr.com/853qkm
Alexey Shekhirin
how to delete stream?
Kilian Ciuffolo
@bhargavrpatel you just need to add ANSI colors to the log lines that's it. if you see colors in your terminal you will see colors in rtail too.
@Elishanto restart the server, there is no easy way to do that ATM. It sucks but it's on my radar for future releases
Alexey Shekhirin
@kilianc what about 24 hour format in the left part of log
Hello everybody
Have you ever tried to get heka send logs to rtail using udp output ?
Kilian Ciuffolo
what the heka is heka?
@nervo :D
@Elishanto I actually need to figure a way to have custom formats
In few words, we are able to use heka to tail some log files, and send their content via udp to rtail
The big +1 is that heka can read log content from everywhere
We previsouly used log.io, but no longer maintained nor compatible with node 4
We try to make Heka + rtail our default stack
Kilian Ciuffolo
@nervo that's cool, is there anything I can read about what you guys did? It may be worth writing an adapter if you had to do hacky things to make it work
@kilianc no hacky things at all, that’s the beauty :) We just reverse engineered your udp frames, and heka is smart enough to make things confortably
Nothing is public right now, but soon
Carlos Ravelo
Any concerns about security? sending logs over the internet without encryption doesnt sound like a good thing
Kilian Ciuffolo
@gandazgul sadly nodejs/node#2398
hi guys, rtail is really good stuff! well done. I have a question, is it possible to increase the displayed row in the gui? I think the current rows displayed per streams stays at 200
ah I did find the code in rtail-server.js :)
Finn LeSueur
Hi all :)
Has anyone setup rtail with an apache vhost?
I'd like to do that so I can add SSL with letsencrypt and then whack an .htpasswd onto it