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Oct 2014
Doyle Timberlake
Oct 23 2014 19:06
I have another question, I am now attempting to create a dataset/table in HIVE with the following code:
DatasetDescriptor descriptor = new DatasetDescriptor.Builder().schemaUri("resource:FileName.avsc").build();
Dataset<Record> dataset = Datasets.create("dataset:hive:/default/table_name", descriptor, Record.class);
I do not need authorization on the node I am running on that is connected to hive. As far as I can tell I have the correct configuration in my hive-site.xml, however I continue to get the error Unknown dataset URI: hive:/default/table_name from the Datasets.create(). I do not understand why I am receiving this error
Joey Echeverria
Oct 23 2014 20:29
drop the slash after hive:
it should be dataset:hive:default/table_name
Ryan Blue
Oct 23 2014 23:23
actually, I think we support the URI pattern that @Timbercakes is using
is there a warning about not being able to load the Hive implementation further up?
and are you adding a dependency on kite-data-hive?
Doyle Timberlake
Oct 23 2014 23:24
I believe that is my problem is that I do not have the kite-data-hive on the classpath im looking into that now
Ryan Blue
Oct 23 2014 23:27
yes, that would cause the error you see because the kite-data-hive module registers the hive URI patterns