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Repo info
    Linchao Zhu
    Hi Choi, there are two papers about video question answering in arXiv, which are http://arxiv.org/abs/1512.02902 (MemNN), and http://arxiv.org/abs/1511.04670 (GRU). I'd like to send a PR if you guys are interested.
    Jiwon Kim
    If you can send a PR, it would be appreciated. Thanks!
    Pranav Shyam
    Why "closely related to Deep Learning". RNNs are in the forefront of the Deep Learning revolution
    Hi.guys.I am just a rookie in deep learning.I am trying to apply the RNN for text summarization task. Why there are no much paper or website about text summarization based on deep learning?
    Rajiv Shah
    I did a small RNN addition that I wanted to share. http://projects.rajivshah.com/blog/2016/04/05/rnn_addition/
    Hryhorii Furletov
    hi guys! I want to know your opinion. I need to recognize the data in the content of the e-mail. For example, to identify the date, identify the type of task, etc.. This is needed for CRM system.
    Botty Dimanov
    Fantastic collection of resources! Thank you very much!
    I though you might be interested in adding applications, which address RNN visualisation such as https://github.com/HendrikStrobelt/LSTMVis
    Ajay Unagar
    Can anyone suggest cool projects to work on using RNN /LSTM ?
    what are considered good benchmark to test the performance of a new kind or RNN cell?
    Rajiv Shah
    I think the basketball motion data is a cool project if you want an non-NLP type project.
    Prakhar Mishra
    Hi everyone, I am looking into some NN based intelligent chatbot. If anyone of you has worked on it or may have any resources that I can look into, please share some insights. Sequence to Sequence Learning is what people are taking about for this task.
    Hi all.
    @kjw0612 Thanks for this awesome collection.
    what sequence labelling algo do u use ? CRF or RNN ?
    Any amazing project on LSTM
    Botty Dimanov
    A new RNN architecture: https://github.com/stwisdom/sista-rnn and accompanying paper: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1611.07252.pdf
    Hello! I have a question about RNN
    raul ferreira

    Hello, i was looking for some advice regarding a RNN architecture.

    can i train a RNN to give attention to a particular region/index in a sequence?
    the data set would be composed of:
    -variable length sequence
    -region of interest

    hi guys
    could anyone explain me a little bit about how to use accustomized text input into the RNN?
    @edisonzhao166_twitter what is "accustomized text"?
    Ajinkya Kolhe
    Hi, in the list of all papers, shouldn't title come before author??
    Title, Year, Authors, Conference, Links
    This format will be easier to read.. Can I rearrange and submit a pull request?
    Hello everybody. @kjw0612, thanks so much for all the effort put into the repo :)
    Eric Manganaro
    Abi Aryan
    Chen Liang
    Thanks for sharing this awesome resource @kjw0612
    Chen Liang
    Hi Jiwon, there is a recent trend in applying RNN to semantic parsing and code generation. I am conducting research (at Google and DeepMind) in this area and would like to make a pull request about these papers if you think it is appropriate for this list :) @kjw0612
    Vadim Dabravolski
    Hi, thanks authors for maintaining this repo. A quick question to the community. Are you aware about any successful cases of using RNN for multivariate time-series data? So far i found just one case in Uber, however, without much detalization (https://eng.uber.com/neural-networks/). Appreciate any other materials on this topic. Cheers!
    Jameshwart Lopez
    Hi everyone. Does anyone have interest on this project https://github.com/supasorn/synthesizing_obama_network_training which uses rnn to create obama video?
    Akshita Gupta
    Hello everyone. Can anyone guide me through Attention-lstm on audio classification and Tagging? I have been stuck on this for few weeks.
    would like to ask if anyone here have an idea to create deep learning for data to text NLG?