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Repo info
    Muhammad Ali
    Moreover, yesterday I tried following compilation on TexMaker: LaTex > DVI2PS > PS2PDF
    When I compile like this, my EPS is file is included into the PDF. However, PNG files are not shown.
    and when I compile using quickBuild... PNGs are there but not EPS.
    It appears, I am compiling it wrong I guess.
    I usually work in linux so I compile tex files using bash script, but why you don't use compile-thesis-windows.bat as mentioned before by @kks32 , I think it will solve many problems, surely @kks32 can help you more.
    Muhammad Ali
    I used that
    If I use, batch then it only shows pngs and not eps
    When I use batch file. It compiles and pdf is generated. However, without EPS file. All PNGs are shown.
    I checked the thesis.log and found following error for EPS file.

    ] [10] [11] [12] [13]) [14]
    \openout2 = `Chapter3/chapter3.aux'.

    Chapter 3.

    ! LaTeX Error: File `architecture' not found.

    See the LaTeX manual or LaTeX Companion for explanation.
    Type H <return> for immediate help.

    l.20 ...raphics[width=1.0\textwidth]{architecture}

    I could not locate the file with any of these extensions:
    Try typing <return> to proceed.
    If that doesn't work, type X <return> to quit.

    ) [15


    Hello there,
    thank you for your valuable time and real concern and for providing such template.
    I am working on a thesis and I need to create some levels of headings under the main heading (subheadings), for instance;
    1 Level A
    1.1 Level B
    1.1.1 Level C Level D Level E Level F Level G
    and after that I need to create a listed headings such that under any headings of the previous example I can add an alphabetical numbered heading, for instance;
    1 Level A
    A Numbered subheading 1
    B Numbered Subheading 2
    1.1 Level B
    A Numbered subheading 1
    B Numbered Subheading 2
    1.1.1 Level C
    A Numbered subheading 1
    B Numbered Subheading 2 Level D
    A Numbered subheading 1
    B Numbered Subheading 2 Level E
    A Numbered subheading 1
    B Numbered Subheading 2 Level F
    A Numbered subheading 1
    B Numbered Subheading 2 Level G
    A Numbered subheading 1

    B Numbered Subheading 2

    Thank you for your help and support :)

    any help ?
    I have installed and got latexdiff working for other tex files, to highlight the changes. But I am struggling to get it working to highlight the changes in my old/new thesis files. Any guidance will be highly appreciated @kks32
    Hi, any ideas how to properly implement BibLaTEX biblatex-apa style citations? I have tried everything, but it constantly fails... It gives me an error about Biber or an error concerning tables (??).
    André Catarino Guerra
    Hello, does anyone know how to change the order of what come in the thesis front page? Regards, Andre
    in the section thesis-info, I simply cannot change the order
    @AndreGuerra123 , front page is formed in the class file (Classes/PhDThesisPSnPDF.cls). You have to modify the commants \maketitle and \computeTitlePageSpacing to change to title page layout.
    André Catarino Guerra
    I have been trying to set up numeric citations in order of appearance. Is the best way to do this using custom bib? I have been trying to use the Biblatex version of custom bib by replacing three of the 'false' commands with 'true' in the document class but am receiving this error message:

    Package biblatex Error: File 'thesis.bbl' not created by bibl

    See the biblatex package documentation for explanation.
    Type H <return> for immediate help.

    l.110 \begin{document}

    Jordi Adan
    How can I change the language to spanish?
    Hey guys, im not sure if this chat is dead or not but I need some help. I would like to move the title to the center of the page and the crest to the top (switch places) does anyone know how I can do this.
    Marcus Hatton
    Hi guys, just had a couple questions. Firstly, I can't see where/how to change the citation style from numbered to authoryear ie (Einstein, 1915) rather than [3]. Also, how do I remove the blank pages between the declaration/acknowledgements/abstract? Thanks!
    Ana M. Mihuț
    @MarcusHatton_twitter Hi, your preamble.tex file on roughly line 113 should contain the Bibliography and References styles. If you uncomment/comment the default style, and add your desired package in there, you will obtain the right result
    Ana M. Mihuț
    @MarcusHatton_twitter For the second question, if you open declaration.tex, and abstract.tex, and add "\let\cleardoublepage\clearpage" at the top of the file, then the white page will go away
    It also won't affect page numbering at all. Hope this works
    Chris Barnes

    anyone got any idea why my make has suddenly started giving this error:

    make: *** No rule to make target '!', needed by 'thesis.d'. Stop.

    Chris Barnes
    seems to be due to trying to use subfigures
    I am trying to add references in the "reference.bib" section but it is not visible
    what do i have to do to use it
    please let me know
    Hey guys! I am running into a problem, I have not been able to solve one of my headings is running into the page number - is there a way around that?
    Janek Szynal
    hey, is there an easy way of hiding (getting rid of) "Chapter X" at the beginning of chapters?
    sorry if this is a noob question, I don’t have experience with latex and didn’t want to struggle too much with this simple problem

    Hi, can you help me please
    i want to add the chapter number and its title in a separate page like this:
    Chapter 1


    Hi guys, does anyone know why \renewcommand{\abstractname}{Summary} gives an error "abstractname not defined". It also doesn't work when I try to use Babel package. Regards,C
    Mathias Metzler

    Hi! Can anyone help?

    I am using the code below for a breakable algorithm environment defined in the preamble. However, when I use this code with the template it will also have an impact to all the figures in my document adding horizontal lines above and below the figure and changing the caption to the top of the figure. Does anyone have some suggestions how to modify the code below to avoid this behaviour?

    Thanks a lot in advance!

    \hrule height.8pt depth0pt \kern2pt
    {\raggedright\textbf{\ALG@name~\thealgorithm} ##2\par}
    \Require xyz
    \State xyz

    Vishesh Mangla
    someone here
    Rabia Hasan
    Hassan Ullah
    i need help
    i downloaded the complete thesis from overleaf named as PhD Thesis template for Cambridge..
    but after run i found this error
    My question is, is there any way to use \citet coupling with ieeetr package
    My question is if there is a way to add acronyms and a glossary to this repo?