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Genesis Hernandez
i've been having this problem ever since hyper released version 2
it seems like the hyper-pokemon theme is incompatible with hyper's latest release
i created an issue on github for your review
Klaudio Sinani
@/all New release bring support for Hyper 2 is out :tada:
Klaudio Sinani
Alexandrae Duran
Hi! I'm interested in helping out with this project. I'm just an inch above the level of a script kiddie, but I'd like to contribute in any way I can. I found minimalist styled backgrounds for pretty much every pokemon and added most of them to the pokemon.yml file. There are a few I'm not really sure how to add to the yml file like alolan pokemon and Type Null: Fairy for example. I converted the jpg format to png using the mogrify command with the imagemagick package. Unfortunately, I'm not sure who the original artist(s) for these backgrounds is (are) as I found most of them from an imgur post. Also, were the colors hand chosen or was there a another method for deciding what colors to assign for each background?
Klaudio Sinani
@CallowChelsea Yep they were hand-picked, and it was quite time consuming, so we plan on building a color module that will generate the color-schemes automatically using the only background images as input : )
only the *
The project is currently on minor halt, mainly due to lack of time, but it will be completed within a couple of months. Help is always more than welcome :smile:
Tony Jen
@klauscfhq hello
Shinzō Takeshita

Hello all! We can use this form link https://forms.gle/6zoiq8jdagoMm9N48 to recommend @klaussinani for GitHub Sponsor Matching Funds

Totaly worth for his work! 🚀

Original idea from klaussinani/ao#96

Hey there. These themes are so awesome that I wish I could take them to other apps. Any thoughts? I think a chrome extension would be a good start. Do I have your permission @klaussinani ?