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Ben Creasy
first! :)
cool project; seems kinda similar to taskwarrior which I started using earlier this year https://github.com/GothenburgBitFactory/taskwarrior
Supratim Samanta
Awesome project. Look darn cool. Will give a try
Joydip Roy
@klauscfhq Can you have a time to review PRs and merged them?
Galen Knapp
How do you all feel about potentially moving from meow over to commander or yargs. meow has a nice simplicity to it, but both commander and yargs have a bit more customizability to them, and better allow for command-based options.
The downside is that these programs don't support as well the idea of the commands in taskbook being in option format. In other words, instead of tb --task and tb -t, you'd write tb task and tb t to execute the task command.
This would better allow things like:
tb list --after '2018-04-07'
tb task --priority 2 'My task foo'
You could still alias those to do something like tb t -p 2 'My task'
Daniyar Zhadyrassyn
Hi! Such a cool project!
Joydip Roy
@knappg I agree with you. commander or yargs more customizable then meow
Colin Maxfield
So what do you guys think would be an acceptable delimiter for creating multiple tasks at a time? a feature request suggested the pipe | but that only works if they wrap it all in quotations should it just be something like double underscore? __ or what do you think?
Colin Maxfield
I think that or something easier to type like double colons :: or even something like tilde ~
Jordan Adams
Heyy 👋
Jordan Adams
For the multiple tasks problem. Couldn’t we just go with quotes. Not sure how easy that’d be to parse though
Colin Maxfield
are you saying quote each task or quote wrap the whole thing to be able to use | in UNIX environments? so tb -t @shopping "bananas" "eggs" "milk" or tb -t @shopping "bananas|eggs|milk"? both are easy enough to parse with the PR I have
@JordanAdams ^
Jordan Adams
I’m thinking quite each task. Feels more standard
Colin Maxfield
that is cool with me, I will fix it tonight
Jordan Adams
The only reason I say this could be tricky is that I’m not sure off the top of my head how shells generally pass in quoted parts. I’ve a feeling it’ll be passed in as one arg without the quotations. In which case you’ve not got to figure out if the user is passing multiple tasks or multiple args which make up a single task.
Colin Maxfield
hmm true, I will have to be sure to test this on various shells to be sure
Jordan Adams
Eg. I’ve a feeling that tb -t ‘foo bar baz’ ‘qux quux quz’ will become just two args in process.ARGV. However so will tb -t do something
Colin Maxfield
yeah I know what you mean, I will have to check how it might be handled
so yeah as feared your above example becomes two args, which is fine but since currently create task is setup to concatenate all remaining args to form one string that doesn't really work unless we require all creations to use quotations which could be an annoying change for a lot of people :(
Colin Maxfield
so as it stands having a weird delimiter is the easiest way to not interrupt workflow for current users, but it does result in feeling unnatural
Jordan Adams
Sounds like a delimiter may be the best option then. The only other option I can think of is having a -m flag for multi. So it’d be tb -t -m 'buy milk' 'visit friends'
But then you’re having to use an extra flag AND quotations. Which seems like more work than a delimiter
Colin Maxfield
so @klauscfhq do you need help with PRs, it seems like we have a lot backing up without many comments or approvals?
Joydip Roy
I would request @klauscfhq to review PRs
Nitzan Zada
i built a zsh plugin for taskbook, thought you might have ideas how to extend it
Hello everyone!
I use taskbook quiet a lot and love it! But recently I tried to use the saved JSON of my tasks with other utility scripts. While trying to parse the JSON I realized, that as soon as the priority is set manually with p:<priority> it is saved as a string, while the default value is a number.
I know it may not be the most important issue, but would it be a big problem to change that, so that the other priorities would also be saved as a number?
I think I even found the line that should be changed:
In the file taskbook.js on line 95 I think one would simply need to change from return opt ? opt[opt.length - 1] : 1; to return opt ? Number(opt[opt.length - 1]) : 1;.
Sorry if that's not as important as I might think it is...
Yohannes Wijaya
Hi guys! Wondering if this can be installed on a Mac?
Shinzō Takeshita

Hello all! We can use this form link https://forms.gle/6zoiq8jdagoMm9N48 to recommend @klaussinani for GitHub Sponsor Matching Funds

Totaly worth for his work! 🚀

Original idea from klaussinani/ao#96

Joël Grimberg
just checking. is klaussiani still active? I want to work on a feature, but I want to check if the project is still active ;-)
Michael Hochleitner
Hi guys,
I'm playing with a fork of taskbook. How can I build and run my fork?
What is the state of this project? I saw a lot of open issues and PRs over on github
Klaus Sinani
The project is still active and will always be :)
Hi, I just started to use Taskbook. It's been great so far. But I want to make it look better so could anyone recommend for me a good Font for it?