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Bryan Kok
currently mine looks like the old evernote web interface, and changing the theme only changes the background of the scrollbar haha
i'm running a fresh clone from github
i'm on xubuntu 18.04.1 LTS if that matters
Bryan Kok
oh wait, no, wtf. this is the newer version
https://www.evernote.com/Home.action?switchingBack=true gives me the UI like in the gifs
Malcolm White


Thanks for a stellar client for a supreme service. Evernote is the bread and butter of my day-in and day-out project management.

I am having the same problem as @Transfusion--I can change the colour of the scroll bar, but that is it. I tried the link he provided ^^^, but no luck.

Any suggestions?

P.S. I just installed v0.11.0 on Ubuntu v18.04.1 LTS

Malcolm White
Ok, I figured it out.
The "new web version" is a thin on funcionality and seems to be the default setting after installing with snap. Click on your user avatar (top left under "File") and "Switch to older version of Evernote". Then everything is awesome.
Thanks again!
Malcolm White
Is it possible to create a note from template in Tusk?
Hi! I have been using Tusk for one year and found it very nice and helpful.
I am using elementary os loki (on ubuntu 18). After the latest update (ver 0.22.0), I found that Korean typing was not working anymore. I am using Nimf as an input method of Korean keys. Any help to fix it? or should I downgrade Tusk? (the last version doesn't display any desktop icon.)
Klaudio Sinani
Looks like klaussinani/tusk#58, apparently a snapcraft issue
Switching to deb or AppImage should be enough to resolve it : )
The icon issue might be related to klaussinani/tusk#143, most likely an issue with https://github.com/electron-userland/electron-builder
James Au
Is there chinese translation for the docs for tusk? I am more than happy to do it if it's not.
Klaudio Sinani
@jamesaucode Nope, there is not, but you are most welcome to do so! : )
Hi, I have just started using Tusk and have been away from ubuntu for many years and am trying to find a spell checker and grammar assistant for tusk.
Any ideas? am really new to this OS so dumb it down as much as possible.
Thanks all
Klaudio Sinani
@gdkuyava The feature is not yet available, but it will be on the upcoming releases. You can track the progress of the feature on the following issue: klaussinani/tusk#94
thanks, will watch for it
Hey is it just me or the Themes are not working?
all I see is just normal white background of evernote, am I doing something wrong?
AH found It
looks like evernote has new version of UI
and Tusk themes are not working with it
Shinzō Takeshita

Hello all! W can use this form link https://forms.gle/6zoiq8jdagoMm9N48 to recommend @klaussinani for GitHub Sponsor Matching Funds

Totaly worth for his work! 🚀

Original idea from klaussinani/ao#96

Leonard Tan
how do i logout from my google account and use another google account?
Is it safe to log with my Google Account on Tusk?
Bruno B. de Souza
i am using ubuntu 18.04 and install tusk for evernote requirement, but i found that fcitx cannot work
how can i fix this , i need fcitx to type chinese character
Hi, This is a very good evernote app for linux. I
How deep is it linked to evernote. Can one use it without evernote and sync via nextcloud or something similar
Bruno B. de Souza
It's basically a render to Evernote site inside a Electron app
So, the awnser is no
Hi there, could you guys please update to the newest version of Evernote?
Michele Tagliabue
HI, does this app support dawing with a pen (like a digitizer)? Because i'm thinking to install linux on my Surface Pro and I need to find an alternative to OneNote for taking notes during lessons
Bruno B. de Souza
@sommoMicc unfortunately no
Nithin Mukundan
Can I suggest an Icon and IconTray edit?
Nithin Mukundan
I have just started using the app and I think the tray icon is a bit too bright in a dark theme. I also felt that the icon can take a design style from Evernote.
Can't login with google account, tusk says - Couldn't sign you in. This browser or app may not be secure. Try using a different browser. If you’re already using a supported browser, you can refresh your screen and try again to sign in. - So how to login with google account?
Hello i don't know if you guys have faced this issue but tusk is not launching and does not provide any error
Hi, I am finding on both Mac and Linux that trying to export to HTML or Markdown doesn't seem to do anything. Is it saving somewhere that I cannot find or is there an issue on the latest version?
Wondering how to open a photo to edit it in some manner. On the Evernote client on Mac I can simply right click the photo and open it in Preview. I'm looking for something similar on Linux . Any suggestions?
Hi I'm using Tusk on Linux and I clicked the button to switch to Evernote Web, but now I can't figure out how to switch back. Now none of the shortcuts work. I even tried remove/install via snap and it's still on web mode. Any suggestions?
@bxb I think I'm having the same issue. No keybind (besides the ones in EN Web) work, and I don't have a ~/.tusk.json file to speak of. Did you figure anything out?
Kion Fallah
Hi all, I am on Arch Linux and having the same issue as @a1ecbr0wn. When I export pdf, HTML, or markdown nothing happens. No error or any message
Hi there...
The Start with the system does not work on Pop_OS 21.10. The Tusk and the AO have the same issue.