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Dec 2017
Konrad Rudolph
Dec 17 2017 14:15
Hi @holgerbrandl, apologies for my absenteeism. Busy time of year. To answer your questions, the intended mechanism for module deployment is (unfortunately) still in the works. You can check the existing discussions here:
For now, the way I (and others) use modules is to have them as GitHub projects (but really, anything works) and to git clone the ones I need. Not elegant but it works. Any package mechanism would probably be built on top of that.
I agree that using the existing package mechanism would be nice but unfortunately the way R packages load code is fundamentally at odds with modules; i.e. all information about nested packages get lost. Also, CRAN would probably agree that this is abuse, and hate it. ;-)
Anyway, it’s worth noting that the modules API is due for a fundamental overhaul soon (I just need to find time); see #129
Konrad Rudolph
Dec 17 2017 14:22
Regarding your recursive-attach use-case: yes, this somewhat defeats the purpose of modules; in fact, attaching everything in a module is going to be more strongly discouraged in the future (similar to how import * from foo is strongly discouraged in Python). But: you can achieve something along these lines by using export_submodule inside a module.