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    Igor Petrov
    Hello, everybody!
    Andrew Druzhinin
    Igor Petrov
    Guys, if you are interested in KMS and have questins about this, feel free to ask
    well ye I have actually few, I set up one issue if someone will have some time pls take a look on it
    and actually one quick question is it possible to create kind of like staging environment for pages so only people who can see page will be able to look on it or even that whole set will be have a own version ?
    Igor Petrov
    @urbanczykd good point. So you want something like "draft" pages?
    At this moment you can create regular (published) pages, but hide it from menu (using "Hidden (from navigation)" field). And then in your menu {% for p in: index.children.find_all_by(hidden: false published: true) do: %}