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Repo info
    I have a question about Koa.io activities
    Is it risky to go the koa way instead of express ? It feels like koa.io isn't developed very active at the moment. Also I found several minor bugs in dependencies, so it seams it isn't supported well enough. The point is, I am very happy about the though of koa.io about ES6 and making things much cleaner.
    Dexter Miguel
    @Student007 if you found bugs, you should fix them... That's what being open source is all about. If you begin to use these tools you have now become part of the community...willingly or unwillingly. You can determine whether a tool is actively developed or not.
    Brian Diehr
    Hey! Anyone here have experience uploading a file to koa? I can't seem to get this thing to work
    Dexter Miguel
    try asking in koa.js
    but yes i have experience
    Brian Diehr
    Gave up on koa-bodyparser... got it to work using co-busboy
    Ari Porad
    Hey, is Koa.io still active?
    Dexter Miguel
    it was last updated about seven months ago
    Good question actually. I would love to see if koa.io also adds a "2.x" branch in order to support the new promise based architecture in koa.js 2.x.
    Fox George Penguin
    Heya. :)
    Devyash Sanghai
    Hey, I am new here, still trying to figure out if koa.io meets the requirement of the project, I am building. The project is about getting mysql data from mysql in short intervals, if not real time. Does anyone have any advice ?
    Bhaskar Melkani
    Hi guys,
    I made a minimal boilerplate on topof koajs. Will love your feedback on it.
    Dave Kushner
    Hey all, I'm refactoring a Koa-based JSON API and coming back to Koa after being mostly Elixir for quite a while. One of the things I really like about Phoenix is the ability to render JSON just like any other view (i.e. string templating w/partials, etc.) I'm wondering if anyone has accomplished such a thing in koa and if so, how? I've been trying to integrate Koa views but virtually every single engine supported only has resources for rendering HTML.