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Repo info
    Nathaniel Kofalt
    Henry Donnay
    wat you say
    Nathaniel Kofalt
    o hai
    I can only assume you're using the IRC bridge too. This service appears to be free for any public repositories
    An IRC service that automatically has a room for every GH repo is a reasonable idea; shame it's hidden behind this clerd gig
    As long as the bridge works fine, I'm not mad - I have specifically noticed chats written by me in the web client don't get birdged to me
    err, bridged
    Then the only problem is, well, chat history & multiple clients, lol sadness
    But that's only a problem for goofs like me, who for some reason use a GUI IRC client :D
    Nathaniel Kofalt
    and here I am, about to be logged off & not receive messages on my phone because of said missing relay