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Hi there is there a way to make drag and drop a image to like click and drop ?
Dev Expert
Hi can we use flash xml into konva
i have xml and i want to display using metrix
Hi, How are you?
I am building a mobile app using knova.js in my ionic project.
What I am facing is that I cannot export the layer into the image.
I think the reason is that the frontend handles it.
Upon checking this guide, it seems this behavior should be work on the server side.
but I hope to export this layer into the image on the frontend side.
Is there any solution? Thank you in advance
Bala krish
Can I generate Konva js shapes using node js or anyother server side frameworks. Because I would like to generate canvas using backend rather than client browser. Help with this please.
@krishbala1997_gitlab konva is a frontend library. maybe you can return json from the server and dynamically create your canvas like that?
Ricardo Canastro

is there any good example of a draggable area with bounds that work properly with rotated shapes? I'm having a really hard time implementing a dragBoundFunc on rotated shapes :\

PS: I mean, Im trying to have an editor area where shapes should not leave.

Ashutosh Kumar
Is there any guide to Konva Coordinate systems?
Konva.Util.haveIntersection is not working for me after implementing Zoom In/Out using this
Ashutosh Kumar
Could anyone help me in this please?
Hi , I am trying to get the todataURl() of image droped in konva stage , is it possible to get dataURL of whole image even which is outside the viewport of stage. If possible then How
@lavrton I am trying to get the todataURl() of image droped in konva stage , is it possible to get dataURL of whole image even which is outside the viewport of stage. If possible then How
1 reply
SeungJu Lee

Is there a way to optimize rendering many Rects? I'm trying to render a 256x256 grid, but it's so slow. Is there a way optimize?

I love how I don't have to worry about onClick and other handlers, and way to write the grid declaritively. But I don't know how I can do the same without React Konva.

@lavrton Hi I m facing issue on loading image in canvas, because i m loading high quality image size varies from 1- 4MB. So that it takes some time to load, in example it takes 6-10sec In the mean time How Can I show some loader which is helpful for user to know the image been loading????
Yannick Schwarenthorer
Hi, is there a way to access current position of an element inside the dragmove eventhandler? The passed in event seems to not include that information.
Rudresh Trivedi
Hello All,
I am planning to automate Canvas app built by konva. Any guideline or tool suggestion? It seems, I'll have challenge with Selenium. Any feedback would be appreciated.
Eirik Måseidvåg
Hello, I'm working with the Transformer and im wondering if the matrix used is using same scheme as CSS matrix meaning:
this.m[0] = 1; // Scale X
this.m[1] = 0; // Skew Y
this.m[2] = 0; // Skew X
this.m[3] = 1; // Scale Y
this.m[4] = 0; // Translate X
this.m[5] = 0; // Translate Y
Hi, I cannot set a value for the new Konva.Filters.Grayscale filter, how can this be done for the native canvas - ctx.filter = 'grayscale(0.65)' - https://stackoverflow.com/a/67392978;
is it possible to do it in Konva? help me please
Vinay M
@lavrton Hey Anton. Would it make sense to use useEffect instead of useLayoutEffect in React KOnva
https://github.com/konvajs/react-konva/blob/master/src/ReactKonvaCore.js#L43 . Since Konva doesnt care about DOM mutations, why cant we use useEffect ?
Hello, is there a way for prevent anti-aliasing when scaling/rotating using Transformer? Currently when scaled/rotated my 3 true-color image starts having pixel-level gradients in between different colors
Oh and I already have layer.imageSmoothingEnabled(false) as well as image-rendering : pixelated on my scss
hello guys, i'm trying to restrict the stars show only in the black cirle, i set globalCompositeOperation property as destination-in with the stars group, but it doesn't work
it's just like that each <v-star> are all to be destination-in, but I'd like the star group to be destination-in the black circle
does anybody got this issues before?
Hello, when I use konva to underline, the memory keeps increasing. Is there any good solution
Hello, when I draw line segments with konva, the memory keeps increasing. Is there any good solution
hello,How do I set the level of rendering
Carlos Chao
Hi I am trying to dynamically render shapes using flat konva with vue 3. You have some example that I can use as a guide. I am currently having problems as the elements are not being rendered.
Hi to everyone! I am testing app in whith react-konva is used. The testing environment is Robot framework with selenium. The app has a Stage and 3 layers(canvas),on one layer is Transformer which perform multi selection, from user usage the functionality is correct when you select the elements and drag one of selected, all other also dragging, but when the test is runed the functionality is broken -> only one element is dragging while other are selected with Transforme?
Does anyone have any Idea what can couse such a problem?
Irfan Khan

Hello Team, Looking for a profession who can help me.
Looking for highly skilled javascript developer who has knowledge of Canvas and animation.

Requirement is to convert animation-timeline-js library to konva or react-konva. re-writing it bascially.

FYI: Its a very basic short code base and open source. but definitely need someone with good knowledge of canvas to re write it.
Then I'm happy to open source the rewritten konva based timeline library as well.

You can reach me on discord ( khanzzirfan #7087)
Thank you.

Marcus Reilly
Does anyone know if it's possible to "getDataURL" and include elements that are currently offscreen due to dragging?
Irfan Khan
Hello Anyone can help with Applying filters to Video in React-Konva, A sandbox is here but seems like Video with Animation start is not applying the filters on the Image.
Andrew Hunt

Disregard, figured it out - solution below:

Having an issue when doing a tsc build where it can't find the konva/cmj module, any suggestions?

[ERROR] 17:33:28 ⨯ Unable to compile TypeScript:
src/app.ts:10:19 - error TS2307: Cannot find module 'Konva/cmj' or its corresponding type declarations.

10 import Konva from "Konva/cmj"

As I posted this - I realized it might be because linux is case sensitive and we all run windows for our local dev lol. Testing now 🤦. Yup that was it.

Hello, anyone has had this error trying to move a node from a group to a layer?
Cannot assign to read only property '0' of object '[object Array]'
This message was deleted
Krunal Shah
Hi, i want to identify that is user clicked on shape or it is empty area
I want to remove Transform on click of empty area
please help
Diptimaya Patra
HI, I am looking to animate fade out a drawn line. Similar to trail effect, but more delay. Can anyone guide me.
Mattèo Gauthier
Hey I wanted to create rulers with KonvaJS that syncs with the position of the Stage, does someone can help me ?
vite vue 3 Dynamic require of "vue" is not supported
Screen Shot 2022-09-26 at 11.51.07 PM.png
how do I download only the masked area ?