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Jul 2017
Jul 20 2017 14:00

Hi @/all
I've just release the patch version 1.1.1
The changelog

In short - this release was about fixing the major part of bugs of updated json schema benchmark.
The most of the work was done related to state management. I've tried to refactor that functionality. However the most tests regarding references are passing , there are still a few (5) of them failing. Next release will be about v5/v6 support, and the one after will be state refactoring again - I hope to rewrite it in a "wise" way, with algorithm description, tests analytics, etc.
The other part was in updating the documentation, so I've created a document with a few guides how-to debug and release the package. It will be updated in future.

Great thanks for all comments and participation.

Marcel J Bennett
Jul 20 2017 23:26
Great work, congratulations on your latest release!