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Repo info
Steve Daly
Hello all.
Just found KotoJS while researching a solution for reusable chart library.
Nick Randall
Welcome! I'm the creator of KotoJS. Let me know if you have any questions about the framework.
Hi, I have question regarding layers in koto. Because our app has grown to bigger size we need to deal with slow performance issue. This app is sort of gantt chart with plenty of rectangles, labels and other stuff. We decided to keep 4 different layers agregated by content. My question is how to avoid redrawing all those things if we need to redraw only one small part? Everytime app is drawed all layers merge all theirs content. Would be the best if could you provide some example. Thank you in advance.
John Schulz
I just created kotojs/kotojs#13 befor remembering that this channel existed
Glad to discuss it here instead
John Schulz
@nicksrandall ^ Sorry if I'm spamming. It's just that this is a low-activity room and I don't know how often you check in
Andreas Marschke
@nicksrandall Joined the Org. Can't create a repository though.
Assuming I need to be part of the Core Team to get the write permission to move this.